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The 2004 Elemental Music Compo

Submitted Music
Earth Category

Brown Foliage

by Alterfish Gravity

Download (1583 downloads)

Artist's Comments: The only thing that was in my mind when I did this track was Earth, the soil and the living part of it. I think this track represents more the soil part of it, and maybe forests in late autumn, because when the autumn has almost turned to winter, the nature really looks like it's dead (in Finland at least). So, I made a track that in my opinion describes the darker side of "Earth."

New Earth

by skyscape/Libris

Download (1607 downloads)

Artist's Comments: This song has weird syncopated beats which squelch around like mud (I think :P) despite being very synthetic. I wanted this piece to have a rather lush atmosphere, like a rainforest while retaining a contemporary edge.

Spirits of the Night

by KineTiK

Download (1607 downloads)

Artist's Comments: The track is named 'Spirits of the Night' because I believe it has a sort of dark forest feel to it. I've been thinking long and hard about what category I was going to submit it to, and originally intended to go for wind. I think the intro makes that obvious. However in the end, earth sounded more fitting, due to the low piano chords.

To The World's End

by obScene

Download (1890 downloads)

Artist's Comments: The Earth, constant, still and strong, but full of fragile and ever-changing life. Life is born from the Earth, but soon dies and returns to the Earth. The cycle of life and death repeats again and again until the world's end.

But I'm not telling you anything you dont know :) Just listen.

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