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FireThe 2004 Elemental Music Compo

Submitted Music
Fire Category

A Dancing Flame

by skyscape/Libris

Download (1402 downloads)

Artist's Comments: Fire can be extremely destructive, frightening or dangerous, but I decided to make a playful song instead. Think of a little flame, perhaps dancing on the end of someone's lighter in a seedy club.

Autumn Fire

by Iverson

Download (1626 downloads)

Artist's Comments: This track is in fact inspired by an accident i had as a child, together with a friend; causing a big fire, burning down a big field...

This was in autumn ... autumn brings a beautiful firey colour to nature, so seeing these colours together with the massive impact real fire can do was breathtaking ... looking back on it the whole thing seems sort of calming, fire is dangerous but even so the memory of it seem to make a relaxing, beautiful picture.

So, in essence, this is a piece of music to describe how beautiful fire is as a picture but how cruel and dangerous it can be in real life. How fire is a two-egged sword, beautiful and necessecary yet dangerous and destroying ... dr. jekyll and mr. hyde ... good and evil ... heaven and hell ... peace and war ... love and hate.

Another dimension to this fire is of course that in the years since that fire this field looks more beautiful than ever before ... the fire brings new life, flowers, trees, grass, insects and animals ... God giveth, God taketh away ... death and life ... past and future ...

Fire contains every contrast ...

Ignifera Clamosus

by Benefit of the Boomerang, featuring Ethelion

Download (1685 downloads)

Artist's Comments: Why fire... the aim was to produce a phat, pounding sound which would both burn heavily on low frequencies as well as lick the high peaks.. Like.. engulfing molten ambience to steam you up for distorted raw edged guitar riffs, accompanied by some pounding broken sledgehammerbeats. Igniting your speakers.

[kromos feeniks]

by Alterfish Gravity

Download (1405 downloads)

Artist's Comments: I think this track fits in the fire category because its sharp sounds, the saw waves for example. I also added quite much force and speed to the beats, because i think fire certainly is a powerful thing. Jennifer's vocals are also so spicy and hot, that they boost up the fiery spirit of the track. ;)

Morkamon - Heborian Theme

by Iwellius

Download (1690 downloads)

Artist's Comments: Morkamon - Heborian Theme is quite a new file and I finished it about 2 weeks ago for a friend's novel: It's literally about a warlike norman folk called the Heborer. Niashandra is growing up there in times of conflict and struggles as surrounding rural areas constantly try to conquer this folk. What I connect with fire in this song is the effect of the impressions towards Niashandra. She's growing up in a rude and unkindly world in which the only goal seems to be fighting for life with weapons, murder and saving ones body from torture and rape. As a child, she asked herself for reasons, but as time passes with all these battles, pain and unsolved questions, her heart burned and her eyes just reflect intertwining and destructive flames of hatred towards all that comes in front of her scarred face.

Sweetness Arrives

by Slog

Download (1371 downloads)

Artist's Comments: Well I think this song fits into the fire element. First of all I entered this song for the fire category cause one day when I was sitting and looking into our fireplace I suddenly got some ideas for a song. So this song is even inspired from fire. I think this song is my best, and I really like it.

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