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WaterThe 2004 Elemental Music Compo

Submitted Music
Water Category

A River's Life

by Skizo

Download (1636 downloads)

Artist's Comments: Alright... close your eyes, and see the river's flowin, growin up while the rain hits its surface... watch it movin away heading for the sea, unstoppable, in its royal majesty. Now it reached the sea, where the small water of the river meet all the rivers and the seas mother earth got, and mixes together with those, creating new waves, new kind of water, a new kind of life... Now the small river waters reached the egypt, where joins the water of the Nile, tellin them of the great pharaons who once belonged to those lands... After much travelling the sea water flow into the ocean, the huge Atlantic Ocean, and from there, back to the air, in the clouds, and the cycle continues...

I was walking around my city lookin for inspiration, and to be true I found out some new good vibes to create a nice fire song (problem will come up later, when a bios fault keeps my notebook away from me for more than 2 weeks and destroys all my work due to a hdd change, but that's just another story), when I sit on the side of a river. I started writing down a lyric, and the rain starts to pour. I decide not to run home as most of the mentally sane people would do, but to be still there writing few more lines in that rainy night. I actually did so, and while writing and writing I stared at the river, all dizzy for the rain, but still knowin which way to go... from there on I started thinkin about "what if I could follow the river"... goin out of the land (I'm in middle italy), reachin the sea, movin around the globe, passin in the Gibilterra Strait and finally reachin the Atlantic Ocean. But once there it couldnt last long before getting back to the normal life. That's more or less what the song talks about, that's what I felt while composing it and that's what it's supposed to transmit to you.

This is one of the most complex songs I ever made, one of the most (if not THE most) time eater. I spent on it a long while, and my only regret is that I missed my hardware for so long I actually have to finish it up in a rush, probably forgetting or messing something up. Oh well... time to go finish up the final mix...

Dream of Atlantis

by Jimmy Heimberger

Downloads (1518 downloads)

Artist's Comments: My song, 'Dream of Atlantis,' is being entered into the water category. I feel it fits into that category because it is a mellow, flowing song. Also the samples I used remind me of water. And plus when you think of Atlantis, which is in the name, you think of the ocean.

Life's Void

by Alex "Tito" Kane

Downloads (2038 downloads)

Artist's Comments: I realized when I was writing this that this song was going to be a good deal calmer and slower than most of the other songs entered, but i think that this is a good showing of what water is -- nice, calm, flowing... this song is made to repeat well, so you can play it over and over again for some calming ambience.

Pond of Go'ssok

by Alterfish Gravity

Download (1524 downloads)

Artist's Comments: Water is, I think, the most mysterious one of the elements. It's always on the move, it's different everywhere, and it changes a lot. So, I made a track to represent the mysterious side of water, and the track doesn't sound so much like the water you find for example in swimming pools... There are lots of soft sine-type sounds in the track, so I think the track belongs to the Water-category, if comparing sine-shaped sounds to Water. I also decided to add something from the more beautiful side of water, so there are... well, pads, as usual.

Splash Blubb Baby

by Sea Calf

Download (1533 downloads)

Artist's Comments: I experimented with water sounds to create Splash Blubb Baby, which I've entered in the category of Water in the Elemental Music Competition. It is very good. I used beat slicing to chop up a voice saying "blubb" and it sounds cool.

(Changed description per artist request on 4/8/2004)

Water Valve

by skyscape/Libris

Download (1565 downloads)

Artist's Comments: This song presents the water element from a technological perspective, think hydraulic powered machines, water processing plants etc.

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