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WindThe 2004 Elemental Music Compo

Submitted Music
Wind Category

4D Adagio

by DDspeed

Download (1380 downloads)

Artist's Comments: well as the general feel and somewhat the sound of this song reminded me of wind. I also asked some other people and all said it fits the atmosphere, representing the elemental almost ideally although the track doesn't use any special effects except "SpacePets" effect sampled by me from Korg worksation.

The track came out very good IMO, has a lot of good, massive sound just like it was intended to be. That's why I decided to make it a part of my project named 4D which is meant to be an electronic version of classical symphonic concert theory. This will be the second part, as it is slow and in concerts usually the first and last parts are slower than the middle one. However, to make this track suitable for this project I will have to enlarge it and add more elements of classical forms. That's why this version is named "compo version."

Hope somebody will like this small piece of music. After the compo ends and the track is released you can comment it on


by Alterfish Gravity

Download (1649 downloads)

Artist's Comments: First when I started to make this track, it first sounded more like "Earth," but when the track became longer, it started to have a certain wind-atmosphere. I think it belongs more to the wind-category because of its in my opinion calm and beautiful pads. It doesn't sound so much like wind blowing for example in a city, but I think the track makes wind sound more like a strong and beautiful element, that goes on and travels up high, above mountains, forests and all other nature, of course.


by skyscape/Libris

Download (1363 downloads)

Artist's Comments: Khamsin is the word for an Egyptian dust storm, this track was made with an ominous atmosphere to illustrate impending doom and destruction. Think powerlines and communications towers being ripped down by huge winds and the sky darkened by dust. Thanks to Eys for the dodgy vocals, we were meant to re-do them but ran out of time :P

My Time, My Cry

by Jochen "Virgill" Feldkötter

Download (1356 downloads)

Artist's Comments: A slight breeze; vocal fragments rushing through the air. Wind blows my time, wind blows my cry.


by Kruser

Download (1666 downloads)

Artist's Comments: When I first discovered about the elemental music competition (cheers for hosting it, Christofori :))) ), I thought that one of the elements featured would be air, but I guess wind is close enough. The title is an attempt to depict something airy, and Nimbus is a type of a cloud, and a cloud is just a part of the atmosphere with a slighty higher density. I read once that there is no real "technical" definition of a cloud. Its boundaries cannot really be measured or defined by any means, other than visual, when seen from afar. Thus, everyone perceives clouds differently: one cloud can seem like an arrow to one person, like a fish to another and so on.

This song is an attempt to perceive a feeling of "cloudiness" and airness. The cloud in question, Nimbus, floats above the earth, seeing it from afar. It is being shone upon by the sun above it, enjoying the occasional wind ride. He looks down upon us with his own eyes and sees humans, animals, trees, buildings, rocks, rivers, lakes, seas... All forming distinct patterns which may mean something to him, and something else to the cloud next to him. He enjoys the view ever so briefly, until the atmosphere circumstances change or Earth's rotation leads him away from his present place.

The music is a combination of sounds. The sound is all about how the sound waves vibrate the air molecules into our ears. The music is all about how we perceive the sounds and what "patterns" they form in our minds.

Spring Day

by obScene

Download (1678 downloads)

Artist's Comments: Originally I wanted to do an epic water track, but I was having trouble getting inspiration though I had ideas. Then one morning I awoke (actually the day before spring officially began) to a beautiful warm, breezy spring morning. This inspired me to do "Spring Day," not an epic, but a light and fun atmospheric dance track. I won't say the track is necessarily about 'wind,' but more about 'air,' the sky and the smell of fresh air. Still I wanted to bring in the wind, but wanted to stay away from cliche things like wind sound effects... so I try to represent the wind musically.

The first time you will hear the wind is at about 2:05 - the wind will emerge as the piano is reversed and pushed around in a shapeless melody. Like the wind it's invsible, but you will hear and feel the effects. :) As for the rest I hope you will find it light, energetic and moving, like the air itself.

When the Birds Meet the Blue Sky

by Debi

Download (1328 downloads)

Artist's Comments: Open your eyes, look to the sky
it's full of birds calling for freedom
listen to whispering voices of mind
word by word, side by side
Leave all the feelings far behind
close the door, lift me up
your soul is ready now to fly
get ready for the journey
when the birds meet the blue sky

Who Has Seen the Wind

by Slog, featuring Lisa

Download (1339 downloads)

Artist's Comments: The song is ment to compete in the wind element. I think this song sounds like wind because the lyrics in it are mainly about wind and, the effects are windy. ;)

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