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Announcing simplicity, "The Museum," and peace!


The 2016 Tulsa Hospitality House light show video has been posted!


"FutureProof" released today!


"Panoramic Mindscape" released today!

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IRC Version of this Trailer (note: has more hints than this does!)

The Time : January 29, 2003, 9:00 P.M. NA/CST (GMT-6:00).
The Place: #modarchive.
The Story:

It had been a long time since anything strange had happened. So long, in fact, that everyone was surprised when something eventually DID happen.

... and something, seemingly nothing, came.. from out of nowhere. That something shattered the silence which had plagued the land of #modarchive for quite a long time.

That something, which was TRULY something (and not just osmething, like normal..) was something heard 'round the world.

It was... great!
It was... large and unexpected!
It was.. an event which shook the entire fabric of our insignificant existance!

It was... James.


When James-Bond left #modarchive, it caused a rift in time -- which, in turn, caused something else which was entirely unexpected...

This OTHER something, which -- in itself -- was also more than just the normal, run-of-the-mill osmething, was...

* * *

Timescape: Chapter 2
Be there. Or you will miss the spectacular.

(Coming to a channel near you, January 29, 2003)
(Coming to before February, 2003)

* * *

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