This is the story as it appeared in the #modarchive IRC channel.  It gives more insight as to why some people seem "suddenly" mentioned.  Enjoy!

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* Christofori springs back to life suddenly
<Christofori> Hey!
<Christofori> Is anyone else alive in here?
<Christofori> Hellllooooooo..
<Christofori> OK, if everyone else is dead, I will write a story.
<Christofori> Once upon a time, there lived a mean and wicked witch, named growl. Growl was a bit of a pushover for name games, though, so she always named her companion, Libris, by taking off the "Li" and substituting a random prefix there instead.
<Christofori> Well, one day Growl and Walkbris were walking in the forest near the witch's nasty house, and Lookbris noticed something.
*** SLAM[CD-CoS] has joined #modarchive
<Christofori> "Look over there, Growl!" sightbris said.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Ahh...back.
<Christofori> <breaks from story>
<Christofori> Hey slam.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Hi :-).
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Got my 486 running mIRC now, fun fun.
<Christofori> lol
<Christofori> I will get you caught up to speed from where you entered:
<Christofori> * Christofori springs back to life suddenly
<Christofori> <Christofori> Hey!
<Christofori> <Christofori> Is anyone else alive in here?
<Christofori> <Christofori> Hellllooooooo..
<Christofori> <Christofori> OK, if everyone else is dead, I will write a story.
<Christofori> <Christofori> Once upon a time, there lived a mean and wicked witch, named growl. Growl was a bit of a pushover for name games, though, so she always named her companion, Libris, by taking off the "Li" and substituting a random prefix there instead.
<Christofori> <Christofori> Well, one day Growl and Walkbris were walking in the forest near the witch's nasty house, and Lookbris noticed something.
<Christofori> *** SLAM[CD-CoS] has joined #modarchive
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Okay.
<Christofori> <continues with story>
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> :-D
<Christofori> OK. So, anyway, pointbris was pointing at a little bird chirping away merrilly as he sat on a branch in a nasty oak tree.
<Christofori> This bird wasn't a normal bird, though.
<Christofori> This bird's name was warhawk.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Hehehe...
<Christofori> Warhawk was a powerful and wise bird, who was usually happy but sometimes extremely angry.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> :-p
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> :-o
<Christofori> Warhawk had a tendency to smite others walking through the forest down as they passed him. So, it should come as no surprise that warhawk tried to smite poorbris and Growl down instantly.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
<Christofori> Well..
<Christofori> When warhawk tried to smite them down, nastybris died instantly, but Growl's powers protected her.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> How sad...
<Christofori> Growl became so enraged that her nasty pale green face turned a bright yellow color.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> (LOL, StreetSoldier and my other NAB friends used to make up stories like this aboput people we knew :-).)
<Christofori> Growl proceeded to wave her magic bean sprout (of only 5 cm in length) at warhawk, enchanting him.
*** EtherReal is now known as EtherReal_away
* EtherReal_away is away: (sleeeppeeeeee) [L:on|P:on]
<Christofori> Warhawk, however, was not easilly enchanted.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> (I've got the stories at a website if you want to read them sometime.)
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
<Christofori> However, he definately WAS amused.
* Christofori breaks from the story long enough to say "Well, I would but I don't know the people... I might anyway though."
<Christofori> Growl began to notice that warhawk seemed to be laughing at her magic bean sprout (of only 5 cm in length). This made her very, very angry.
<Christofori> Her face, now having turned a more putrid shitty brown color from the massive amount of anger inside her, screwed up into this tiny evil expression that only Growl can make. (She does this when she is very, very, very irate).
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> hehehe...
<Christofori> "How DARE you laugh at my magic bean sprout!" she said. "I will use it to.. um.."
<Christofori> Well, apparently, warhawk had had quite enough of Growl's spouting uselesness. He proceeded to smite her down again, this time with his Talon of Light.
<Christofori> Warhawk flew swiftly towards Growl, his Talon hidden from sight until the last possible moment.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Sounds holy.
<Christofori> Instantly, he ripped her nasty face off with his Talon of Light. The smell was so bad that warhawk had to ascend to 12,000 meters in altitude (he knew when he got there, because his beak had a mini-altimeter implant).
* Christofori breaks from the story long enough to go finish making dinner :P
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Okay :-)
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Man, where were you when we were making our NSI stories...
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> BTW< they're here in the Nerf Stories Impromptu section:
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> StreetSOldier's name is either crossfire or Curt in there.
*** Chroniq has quit IRC (Quit: )
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Uh oh, we're losing audience.
* Christofori is back
<Christofori> Yes, we are.
<Christofori> This is OK though; as long as ModStats is here, I have all the audience I need. >:)
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> LOL True :-)
<Christofori> OK.. where was I.. Oh yeah. Well, warhawk didn't want to go back into the putrid smelling forest, so instead he flew to his little friend's house. His friend, Schabuda, was quite the unordinary little rabbit.
<Christofori> Schabuda could hop higher and run faster than any other rabbit known to exist.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Hehehe...
<Christofori> Also, Schabuda had the nasty habit of jumping for the throat of humans and biting them in the juggular vein.
<Christofori> So, he became known as "Schabuda the Brave."
* Christofori takes a few more bites of dinner
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> (I saw some kind of rabbit like that on Xena once...)
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Whatcha having?
<Christofori> Pasta
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> I had the coolest frozen dinner hting the other day. grilled chicken in barbecue sauce with a side of diced potatoes and cheese. Best thing stouffer's ever made :-).
<Christofori> Slam, it's interesting you mention Xena; Schabuda has made a guest appearance on the show.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> !
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> ?
<Christofori> Yes. "Schabuda the Brave" visited the show for two episodes (non-consecutive) I believe.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Ah, interesting. What sohuld I watch for, in the event I flip past it?
<Christofori> Bunny porn.
<Christofori> OK.. Anyway, Warhawk went to visit Schabuda. When he got there, Schabuda had just finished killing someone named AcidDose. No one knew why his name had been AcidDose, nor did anyone really care; it's like one of those things, the Earth moves around the Sun in a year, and no one cares why.
<Christofori> So, anyway, Schabuda had just killed AcidDose and was munching busilly on Dose's fingers.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
<Christofori> When Warhawk flew up, 'buda stopped long enough to say "Hey." Now, I know you're probably thinking "Right. Rabbits don't talk, except for Bugs Bunny." Well, you're right.
<Christofori> 'Buda didn't actually SPEAK "Hey" he used UAL -- Universal Animal Language.
<Christofori> <No, Slam; but nice twist.>
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Ah, course, handy old UAL.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> :-)
<Christofori> OK, so Buda and Warhawk began to have an entire conversation using UAL.
<Christofori> Before too long, though, Warhawk realized he was hungry. He quickly asked 'Buda if he could have a bite, to which Schabuda agreed. Warhawk swiftly bit Schabuda's head clean off.
<Christofori> Now then, I'm sure you're wondering why in the world Warhawk would kill his best bunny-friend.
<Christofori> So am I!
<Christofori> Anyway, Warhawk quickly finished his snack and soared once again high into the air. This time, he decided that he would visit another friend.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
* SLAM[CD-CoS] wonders aobut poor faceless growl...
<Christofori> He looked and looked for what seemed like ages. Everywhere he looked, he could see traces of his friend, but no sign of the friend himself.
* Christofori takes a few more bites
* SLAM[CD-CoS] wants some ph00d.
* Christofori wishes Slam would go make some food

<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Yeah, it's 1 in the morning here, parents asleep :-p.
<Christofori> Ah.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> ls
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Whoops, wrong keyboard :-).
* Christofori polishes off the rest of his meal, grabs a drink and cigarette, and proceeds to tell the rest of the story.
* SLAM[CD-CoS] shuts up and listens.

<Christofori> Well, Warhawk had been busilly looking for his other friend (who, cooincidentally, was the only other friend he had, because all of the others had been eaten by Warhawk).
<Christofori> Just as Warhawk was about to give up, he saw his other friend. Quickly, he swooped down and managed to make a grand entrance...
<Christofori> into a pond!
<Christofori> Yes, folks! That's right. Warhawk's last friend on the entire Earth is a fish. 
<Christofori> A Fish named James; James-Bond.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Kinda sad to see traces of him all over the ground.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
<Christofori> More specifically, James-Bond was a rather large trout.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Like my 3-foot fish.
<Christofori> Anyway, Warhawk and James began to communicate. This time, they used UUAL.. Which means...? <looks for a voulunteer>
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Underwater universal animal language
<Christofori> Yes, you're right. Very good!
<Christofori> OK.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> w00t w00t!
<Christofori> So, they were talking, and James told Warhawk that he had a new thing that Warhawk just HAD to try. It was a wonderful snack.
<Christofori> Warhawk, having just eaten, had decided to decline the offer, but James managed to convince Warhawk that he should try the snack.
<Christofori> So, James swam off quickly to retrieve the snack.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Always. Snacks are just so good!
<Christofori> When he came back, James was carrying a small brown jar with a red lid. James slowly opened it, and Warhawk eagerly chowed down on the delicious substance.
* SLAM[CD-CoS] suspense
<Christofori> What Warhawk hadn't known is that James was a secret spy operating for the Nazi's (this WAS, after all, 1941).
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> LOL, good of you to mention that :-).
<Christofori> James had given Warhawk his first taste of... <duh duh DUHHH!> Peanut Butter!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> w0000!
<James-Bond> lol
<Christofori> Warhawk had never had peanut butter before.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Hopefully not his last...
<James-Bond> night all :P
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> (Let me guess, allergic to peanuts.)
<Christofori> He found the substance delicious yet hard to eat, because it kept sticking all over his beak.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Night :-).
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
<Christofori> Just then, James Bond went to bed.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> (Nice one.)
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> (Very original.)
*** James-Bond has left #modarchive ([x]chat)
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Ah, he uses Linux :-).
<Christofori> Warhawk, wondering why James had left in such a hurry, flew out of the water and kept trying to rid his beak of the weird (and somewhat watered-down) peanut butter.
<Christofori> <break> Yes, Slam.. ALL Nazi's use Linux! Sheesh!
<Christofori> OK..
<Christofori> Finally, Warhawk managed to clean himself up and again ascended into the sky.
<Christofori> Now, he was pissed off.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> cd /
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Gah, wrong keyboard again.
<Christofori> He didn't know why he was pissed off <quit typing linux crap in here!> but he was.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
<Christofori> Actually, the REAL reason he was pissed off is that he now only had one friend, and in order to eat him he would have to open his mouth underwater, which could cause him to drown.
<Christofori> Now, you may be wondering how Warhawk could have eaten peanut butter underwater and not drown.
<Christofori> Quite frankly..
<Christofori> So am I!
<Christofori> Anyway, Warhawk was not just mad because he had only one friend; he was mad because now he'd have to take the time to make MORE friends.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
<Christofori> He quickly set out to make some more friends.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Hehehe...
<Christofori> He looked high and low, and finally found some glue, masking tape, and a broken kite.
<Christofori> He quikly shaped them into the shape of a turtle, and used his powers to give life to the turtle.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> (Mary Poppins soon entered the scene...)
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Hey, now that's a good way to make friends.
<Christofori> This turtle he named "ModStats" and, thus, he had made a new friend.
<Christofori> Yes, it is!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> w00t!
<Christofori> OK..
<Christofori> Anyway, he left ModStats for a while and looked for other materials with which to make friends.
<Christofori> He again looked high and low, and wondered suddenly what the forest smelled like.
<Christofori> He went back to the forest, only to discover a crying babybris lying in the midst of the place where Growl and the older oldbris had been.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Oh my.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Those two combined and *poof!* look what happened!
<Christofori> Warhawk was perplexed! What had happened to the faceless Growl, and better still, how come had kidbris been "reborn" into a crying, kicking human infant?
<Christofori> Slam, perhaps you are right!
<Christofori> At any rate, Warhawk took pity on fartbris and took him in as his adopted son.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> ls
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> dangit
<Christofori> Years passed <NO MORE LINUX CRAP!> and fairybris had grown into a strapping lad of 16 years.
<Christofori> Not only was sixteenbris a 16 year old male, he was also a very strange male, for a human. At least, that is what Warhawk had come to think.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> (How many years passed, exaclty?)
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Oh dear...
<Christofori> Anyway, weirdbris liked to swing through the forest, screaming at the top of his lungs, as he was naked.
<Christofori> <break; exactly 2 years passed in the story. Don't ask how agebris aged so quickly. I don't know, I'm just telling the story!>
<Christofori> OK.. anyway, swingbris was flying through the trees on a vine, when suddenly he had the urge to please himself.
<Christofori> He had heard from somewhere that pleasing himself while climbing a vine was indeed very pleasing, so he proceeded to please himself, all over the forest.
<Christofori> Meanwhile, back at Warhawk's tree-home, Warhawk noticed a very strange scent. Very strange indeed!
<Christofori> Never had he detected this scent before.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> (smegbris)
<Christofori> Suddenly, James-Bond jumped into the tree.
<Christofori> <no!>
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> (Oh, okay.)
<Christofori> James had been flying through the air (becuase, after all, he was not an ordinary rather large trout.. he was a Flying rather large trout.)
<Christofori> James was tired, and decided to rest at Warhawk's place.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Hehehe...
<Christofori> While the two were catching up on things, ModStats also arrived at Warhawk's house. Unfortunately, it had taken ModStats the entire two years that has passed to reach the house.
<Christofori> So, now the trio began to hapilly converse about life in general. Warhawk told them of his adopted sun, and how strange he was.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
<Christofori> When Warhawk tried to explain the strange primal action that gorkbris always was doing, the others were as perplexed as Warhawk had been.
*** Chroniq has joined #modarchive
<Christofori> Suddenly, the three were struck with a very serious Chroniq illness, and soon died.
<Christofori> Of course, Warhawk can't actually die; he just played dead to fit in.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Hahaha
<Christofori> Anyway, dartbris was busy swinging through the trees on his massive vine of infinite pleasure.
<HyoCHAN> goodmorning
<Christofori> Soon, though, he began to ponder his existance, in the only way he knew how:
<Christofori> He began, yet again, to pleasure himself on his vine.
<Christofori> Meanwhile, a young native girl was nearby walking through the forest. Her name was HYOChan.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Morning :-)
<Christofori> She instantly heard the strange noises that crybris was making as he continued to pleasure himself.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> This oughta be good...
<HyoCHAN> haha
<Christofori> Instantly, she ran towards the sounds, only to find nakedbris there, jacking off very quickly.
<Christofori> HyoCHAN was instantly aroused, and the two quickly became lovers.
<HyoCHAN> !
<Christofori> And that, dear children, is how the Universe was created.
<Christofori> <the end!>

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