This is the story as it appeared in the #modarchive IRC channel.  It gives more insight as to why some people seem "suddenly" mentioned.  Enjoy!

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* Nobuyuki` dances into oblivion
* Kruser is tettering on the brink of higher state of consciousness and the floor below 
<Christofori> lol
* SLAM[CD-CoS] ...just kinda sits there.
<Christofori> Perhaps it's time for another story..
* Ralesk idles
<Kruser> Christofori:  sure is
<Kruser> :)))))))
<Christofori> Hmm..
<Kruser> start like this:
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> w00t w00t!
<Kruser> "it all started when Ralesk decided to cut his beard short.  After that, 
  nothing would ever be the same again..."
<Kruser> ...and then resolve into your ordinary style
<Kruser> ;)))))))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> :-D
<Christofori> Heh..
<Ralesk> LOL
<Christofori> How bout this:
<Ralesk> :)))))))))))))))))))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Or, I could tell the sequel to one of my NSI stories, "The Anti-Britney 
  Spears Campaign."
<Christofori> "A Long time ago, in a universe not so far from our own, there was a young 
  man named Ralesk.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Go go go!
<Ralesk> ARGH, SW!
<Christofori> Ralesk was a very talented young man, but only had very few posessions to 
  his name.
<Kruser> ALLRIGHT!!!
<Kruser> go
<Kruser> go
<Kruser> go
<Kruser> :))))))
* Nobuyuki` shakes around the sparks in his head
<Nobuyuki`> hmm, gotta think differently
* SLAM[CD-CoS] wonders how Nobuyki programmed a particle system into his own brain.
<Christofori> So, Ralesk used to sit outside the gates to the Enchanted forest and play 
  his banjo, waiting for passers-by to donate their spare change, so he could earn a 
<Nobuyuki`> lol
<Christofori> Well, one day, a little punk named Nobuyuki` stopped by the gates,
<Kruser> beard?
<Kruser> ;)))))))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> There's tha good old reliable Enchanted Forest (TM) again :-).
<Nobuyuki`> there's ideas in there and when they come together they make sparks.  but 
  there's nothing else really in there.  it's like a can of spray paint
<Kruser> don't forget to (R) it  ;))))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Nice :-).
<Christofori> and he really liked the tunes that Ralesk was banging out of his ancient 
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> OH! Good idea.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Banging out of a banjo? Can just see him bashing it on the groudn like a 
  rock star.
<Kruser> ancient banjo...  ancient strings...  ancient (heavy) metal
<Kruser> ;))))))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Enchanted Forest (R) (TM)
<Christofori> However, Nobuyuki` did not have any money to donate to poor Ralesk. So, 
  Ralesk hit Nobuyuki` over the head with his banjo several times, until he had 
  inadvertantly knocked Nobuyuki` unconscious.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol, Kruser.
<Kruser> Nobuyuki` is a punk?  Now I've heard everything
<Kruser> ;)))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> (Sending many sparks flying.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> )
<Nobuyuki`> HAHAHA Christofori  this sounds like an episode of Ren and Stimpy
<Christofori> Ralesk didn't really mean to do this; it was one of those things that he 
  just did.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
<Kruser> don't forget he is the (ex) Beard (ex) Master
<Kruser> ;))))))))
<Christofori> In fact, Ralesk was so damn pissed about his beard being long, that he cut 
  it short afterwards.
<Nobuyuki`> and I made a magical rope out of it
<Kruser> THANK YOU!!!  :)))
<Nobuyuki`> that would make everyone tell them what makes them horny if I lasso'd them 
  with it
<Christofori> Anyway, several days passed, and Ralesk became an old and wisend man 
  (though he still sat outside the gates to the Enchanted Forest, playing his ancient 
  banjo tunes).
<Christofori> Well, with Ralesk's wisdom came the knowledge of the overwhelming power of 
  "black music."
<Kruser> ...
<Kruser> whatever
<Kruser> ;)))))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Hehehe...
<Christofori> Ralesk began to play the "black music" exclusively, and, as the passers-by 
  came to hear him play, they all eventually fell under a mighty spell.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> sp00ky.
<Kruser> about giving URLs to comics...  ;))))))))
<Christofori> Ralesk's magic soon became so great that flocks of passers-by were out 
  there, by the gates, listening to his ancient banjo-tunes each day.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> LOL, is he taking requests :-)?
<Ralesk> LOL
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Christofori, make them come to my bar, where they are mowed down by my 
  Holy Flak Cannon Fire (R) (RM).
<Christofori> One day, Ralesk became quite annoyed with his feeble-minded crowd, and he 
  ripped out a nerf paintball gun and killed them all.
<Kruser> yeah...  but only if you provide a part of your beard as a token of appreciation
<Kruser> ;))))))
<Ralesk> slam :DDDDDDDD
<Kruser> what?  No BFG?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Nerf :-).
<Kruser> ;))))))))
<Christofori> Well, the gods did not appreciate so many of their children being killed 
  like that.
<Ralesk> flak cannon ruleeeeeeeees
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> (What gods would these be?)
<Kruser>  gods must be having intercourse EVERy day WAY TOO much
<Kruser> ;))))))))
<Christofori> One god in particular, Stary, was so angry that he banished Ralesk to the 
  ninth dimension, to a planet called "Earth."
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Ralesk: Yes, it does :-).
* SLAM[CD-CoS] pulls out his flak cannon.
* SLAM[CD-CoS] looks around warily and carefully puts away his flak cannon.
<Ralesk> ROFL!!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> We're the NINTH dimension of three?
* Kruser gets his flak cannon
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> W0w...
<Kruser> .me blasts the flak cannon, just to test it
<Christofori> Ralesk was so angry, that he began to kill many other innocents on this 
  new planet.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Kruser: wait till the story is over ;-).
* Kruser is apparently drunk still...
<Kruser> ok, ok...
<Christofori> Eventually, he found the gates to the Enchanted Forest again, and resumed 
  playing his "black music" outside.
<Christofori> Well, the gods didn't like to be foiled in such a manner. So, do you know 
  what they did?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Man...with a paintball sun? YOu make this sound like...hey, 
  waitaminute...YOU READ MY FUTURE NERF, DIDN'T YOU, Christofori ;-)?
<Ralesk> MomomomoMONSTER KILLillillill
<Ralesk> :D
<Kruser> Christofori:  made more kids?
<Kruser> ;))))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> No, what DID they do?
<Christofori> Kruser: nope..
<Christofori> Well, I will tell you.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> :-)
<Kruser> ok...
* SLAM[CD-CoS] feels special.
<Christofori> The gods were so angry with Ralesk by this time, that they banished him to 
  the very tree house of Warhawk and Librevillebris the horny.
<BardCat> What are you girls talking about?
<Kruser> oh crap!!!!
<Kruser> goddamn!
* BardCat humps Ralesk.
<Christofori> Ralesk did not like his new home, as Warhawk was a very abusive host.
<Ralesk> O_o;;;;;;;;;;;
<Kruser> that was the WORST place in the entire universe!
<Kruser> ;)))))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Bad BardCat!
<Ralesk> but CAT!
<Ralesk> *flees*
* SLAM[CD-CoS] swats BarCat with a ripe cactus.
<Christofori> The one thing that Ralesk could enjoy, however, was rockbris' talking cat, 
<``Spiral> Quite nice imagination dudes
* SLAM[CD-CoS] just decided to use that as another alias.
<Kruser> he IS a bard, after all...
<Christofori> You see, MeowMiX was a bright cat, and always knew how to piss people off.
<Ralesk> Christofori: mind writing a script on the name of wh to replace it into 
  rawhawk? :D
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
<Christofori> This is why Ralesk liked him so much!
<Kruser> about urinating...  ;)))
<Christofori> <Ralesk: maybe later!>
<Ralesk> :P
<Christofori> Well, anyway, MeowMiX had a mind of his own, and always tried to hump 
<Christofori> Every day, and every night, MeowMiX tried to steal proboscesbris away from 
  his secret bride HyoCHAN.
* SLAM[CD-CoS] remembers how his dog tried to hump a malaysian cat once.
<Ralesk> slam :DDD
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Just jumped right up...and the cat kinda slid out of the way magically.
<Kruser> hump?  Like what Quasimodo has at the top of his back, i.e. bottom of his neck?
<Christofori> Ralesk, knowing that warhawk didn't know about smoothbris and HyoCHAN, 
  decided one day to inform the angry vulture about it.
<Kruser> ;)))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Wait...the Vulture? What vulture?
<Christofori> So, Ralesk went up to warhawk and said "Hey! Guess what? Your son's 
  married to that village ho!"
<Kruser> warhawk?  Or ModStats?
<Kruser> ;))))))))
<Kruser> HO!!!!
<Kruser> :))))))))
* BardCat dips Ralesk in honey and throws him to the lesbians.
<Kruser> Aw, sounds awesome!
<Kruser> ;))))))
<Christofori> Warhawk didn't know what to believe at first, knowing the blotched past of 
* SLAM[CD-CoS] just ran ST3 :-D:-D:-D!
<Kruser> BardCat:  GAWD!!!  That is the worst punishment for a guy!!!
<Kruser> ;)))))))
<Christofori> <You see, Warhawk was friends with all of the gods, and Stary had told 
  warhawk ALL about Ralesk and his little adventures prior to his banishment to 
  Warhawk's pad!>
<Ralesk> *uses magic and getting free from the honey he flies away*
<Christofori> Well, all side-stories aside, sparks began to fly in the Warhawk house.
<Kruser> Christofori:  one day you'll have to create a list of characters too...  this 
  gets a tad bit confusing...
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Yeah, create a whole RPG type world mere.
* Kruser is apparently, frankly, really, still, persistently drunk
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> #modarchive RPG :-D!
<Christofori> Warhawk became so angry with Newcastlebris and Ralesk both that he sent 
  them out to the black sea to gather gamba roots for 10 hours each day.
<Ralesk> :D
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Gamba roots?
* SLAM[CD-CoS] ponders.
<Ralesk> christ, Christofori, you rule!
<Kruser> no HyoChan?
<Kruser> ;)))))))
<Christofori> One day, while Ralesk and dunkbris were gathering Gamba roots <yes, Gamba 
  roots!>, Ralesk decided that he didn't want to work anymore, and broke out the ol' 
  banjo and started to play his "black music."
<Kruser> aww that suxx
<BardCat> Christofori!
<Christofori> Little did he know that the "black music" had a strange and unusual effect 
  on the Gamba roots!
<BardCat> Ralesk is furry like me :D
<Ralesk> *kicks BardCat*
<Ralesk> that's MY job to tell, you arse.
<Christofori> Not only did the Gamba roots come to life, but they started trying to eat 
  Ralesk and potentatebris!
<BardCat> Sorry!!
<Kruser> not HyoChan?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> (HyoChan was still in bed, I think.
<BardCat> But they don't care.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> )
*** Nobuyuki` is now known as Nobu`ahl
<Kruser> argh...  I thought them two would get it on...  blah...  nothing is perfect, 
<Kruser> ;))))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Later, Noboyuki.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
<Kruser> cya nobu
<Christofori> Well, <no, HyoCHAN wasn't banished to the black sea, twit!> to make a long 
  story short, Ralesk was killed, but choosybris taught the Gamba roots how to pleasure 
  themselves, and they decided to spare him.
<BardCat> Where am I in that sotry?
<Kruser> BardCat:  you sing
<Kruser> ;))))))))
<Christofori> <MeowMiX: You're back at the house still.>
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> BardCat: You were Warhawk the Carrot's neaighbor-humping cat.
<Kruser> goddamn!
<Kruser> Killedbris is dead
<Kruser> and he told me he'd name his daughter after me
<Kruser> BUMMER!!!!
<Christofori> Anyway, cerebratebris and his new friends decided that they'd had enough 
  of Warhawk's incessant beatings, and they began to formulate a brilliant plan (well, 
  at least, they THOUGHT it was brilliant...)
<Ralesk> bris ain't dead, I am
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> No, Alivebris taught the gamba roots...ah, n/m, read up there ^^^!
* Kruser feels lonely... and still drunk...
<Kruser> oh...  Ralesk is dead...  right
<Ralesk> but we know there is a way out of hell, don't we? []
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> (Maybe only Kruser thought it was brilliant.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Being drunk and all.)
* Kruser is definitely still drunk... yeah, it gets repetitive, but also very present
<Christofori> Meanwhile, while follicularbris and the Gamba roots were busy plotting, 
  HyoCHAN was busy doing her chores in the Enchanted Forest.
<Kruser> brilliant?  Did they polish it well?  
<Kruser> ;))))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> "Sweeping the dirt road, yep..."
<Ralesk> HyoCHAN <- her? :DDDDDD LOL
<Christofori> Every day, she would clean the ground, and straighten all of the pine 
  cones. Sometimes, MeowMiX even convinced her to milk him.
<Kruser> HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
<Kruser> :))))))))))
<BardCat> It was nice
<Kruser> 0WNAGE!!!
<Kruser> :))))))))0
<Nobu`ahl> you're one sick bastard.... hahaha
<Ralesk> milk him? that gives me DIRTY thoughts.
<Christofori> Well, Warhawk, thinking that sanatoriabris and Ralesk (who, yes, is dead) 
  were out gathering Gamba roots, decided to find this "HyoCHAN" himself, and see what 
  she was all about.
<Nobu`ahl> if hyo was awake he'd probably either be killing you guys or puking his guts 
<Kruser> ey Christofori!  Make sure to mention that BardCat's nuts glow in the dark
<Kruser> it's the testilantern
<Kruser> ;))))))))
<Nobu`ahl> unless of course he's one of you
<Christofori> Warhawk flew up out of his pad in the Enchanted Forest and began to scour 
  the lands for HyoChan.
<Nobu`ahl> I'm not here to judge in that case :p
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Kruser: That's what you get for humping firefies :-).
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> *fireflies
<Christofori> Well, finally, Warhawk spied a person that could only be HyoCHAN, and he 
  instantly swooped down and grasped her with his Talon of Light.
<Kruser> I see...  BardCat!  You must have been busy accumulating all that energy?  
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> I thought the Talon of Light ripped people's faces off...or is it 
<Christofori> However, something very strange happened, because as he got hold of the 
  frightened HyoCHAN, his Talon of Light shattered into a million pieces!
<Kruser> ph34r th3 l!ght
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> The brand new and improved, lemon scented Talon of Light (R) (TM)!!!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Why was that?
<Christofori> <slam: Multipurpose; the purpose changes with each story. :P>
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Stupid infomercial offers, they never last...
<Christofori> Anyway, Warhawk was enraged! His precious Talon of Light was shattered 
  into a million tiny pieces!
<Christofori> You see, what Warhawk did not know was that HyoCHAN was actually the 
  daughter of a god.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> "I'm taking this back to the company for a refund! If I can gather up the 
  million pieces..."
* Nobu`ahl whispers to someone "why is Christofori telling this long yarn? I don't 
  understand, is it just something you guys do"
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Ooh...bad thing for WarHawk the Carrot...
<Christofori> The marriage of HyoCHAN to seminarianbris had been arranged, and Warhawk, 
  though he was close friends with most of the gods, didn't even know!
<Kruser> "Call now and you'll get a special bonus:  an amazing $15 refund!"
<Kruser> ;)))))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Nobuyuki: Yes, he's quite good at it :-).
<Nobu`ahl> ha.
<Kruser> turning a carrot into a fierce bird takes being Warhawk
<Kruser> ;)))))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Ja :-).
<X-Acto> =)
<Kruser> Christofori helps tremendously, as well
<Kruser> ;))))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Hehehe...
<Christofori> Well, Yes, this was indeed a bad thing for Warhawk. Since his one and only 
  Talon of Light was no longer intact, he no longer had the ultimate power in the 
  Enchanted Forest; he could no longer decimate meaningless objects, smite poor and 
  impoverished children, or make new friends!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> I'm not bad at this sort of thing, I should give it a shot sometime.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> See :-)?
<Christofori> <spam!> lol
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Actually, you'd probably find those VERY odd.
*** |carro| has quit IRC (Quit: If You're Wanna Die, Do It With Style, Commit Suicide...)
<Kruser> Christofori:  he would make more ModStatses?
<Kruser> ;)
<Christofori> Anywayz.. HyoCHAN was the daughter of Gargoyle, the god of clay and of 
  Earth (not the planet, the ground!)
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Oooooh....
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> That's why she was sweeping off the dirt road...
<BardCat> When can I become a ninja in your story?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> BardCat: How much you actually know about the Ninja?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> ;-)
<``Spiral> gajin hound
<Christofori> Gargoyle and Warhawk had usually gotten along, but since Warhawk didn't 
  like HyoCHAN, Gargoyle had placed an enchantment on her, specifically designed for 
  cases like these.
<Kruser> learn some kanji first...  and how to eat rice with sticks
<Christofori> <MeowMiX: Because, you just can't. It's been pre-ordained that you'll be 
  UNESCObris' talking cat.>
<Kruser> ARG!!!  Gargoyle the Annoying Guard has entered the story
<Kruser> ;))))))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
<Christofori> Yes!
<BardCat> But when can I kick ass?
*** Nobu`ahl is now known as Nobu`dinn0r
<Ralesk> Garg0 is cool :)
<Christofori> Anywayz, Warhawk was smitten, and Gargoyle had gotten his time to laugh 
  his ass off.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> BardCat: Cats do not, repeat do NOT, in fact, kick ass.
<Kruser> cool as long as he does not ki#$%ck my megasmileys
<Christofori> <MeowMiX: You get lots of ass in my stories; don't start complaining!>
<Kruser> ;)))))))
<BardCat> But I'm a furry anthro kickasser.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Warhawk smitten...sad thing to see someone smitten. Kinda fun to watch 
  them be smitten. Actually, I just like to say smitten. Smitten, smitten, smitten.
<BardCat> Cool.
<Christofori> Meanwhile, reedybris and the Gomba roots had decided to enact their plan 
  right away. No, I can't tell you what their plan is; it would spoil the story!
<Christofori> <besides.. I don't even know!>
<Kruser> Christofori:  do you ever?
<Kruser> ;)))))))
<Christofori> hehe
<Christofori> Well, insurrectbris and the Gomba roots set out for Warhawk's pad in the 
<Kruser> smooth pad?  String pad?  shoulder pad?  Breast pad?
<Christofori> When they arrived, however, they found the place empty; save for a 
  half-dead flying rather-large trout named James-Bond.
<Ralesk> gamba roots, dude
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Kruser just likes saying "pad."
<Ralesk> not gomba
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
<Kruser> pad what if I pad do?  HMMMM???  ;))))
<Christofori> libertarianbris was instantly confused; where could his abusive adopted 
  father have gone?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> He never seems to talk much anyway...
<Christofori> Just at this moment, HyoCHAN appeared to whorlbris in a dream.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Daydream, clarification.
<Christofori> She began to speak to him: "preparationbris! You have to help me! I need 
  to find MeowMiX!"
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> !
<Christofori> knowledgeablebris, still very confused as to how he so suddenly fell 
  asleep, was even more confused that his beloved wife seemed to prefer the talking cat 
  to him these daze.
<Nobu`dinn0r> time to eat :3
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> :-D
<Christofori> Well, little did speciesbris know that MeowMiX was, himself, a very 
  special beast; but that is for another story..!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> talking cats with tertilanterns...
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Gah, splled it wrong :-p.
<Christofori> Anyway, Persiabris instantly awoke to find the Gomba roots gone, and 
  himself lying alone, naked, in the middle of the enchanted forest.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Oh my...
<``Spiral> !ping
<Christofori> Not only that, but he was covered in this sticky purple goo that he had 
  never seen, smelt, touched, felt, or tasted before (Yes, bunbris is rather adventurous 
  when it comes to "new things"...)
<Christofori> Well, as it turns out, the Gomba roots got mad at perfidybris for falling 
  asleep so suddenly, and they decided to rape him while he was unaware.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> !
<X-Acto> lol
<Christofori> plyscorebris, not knowing that he'd lost part of his dignity to a bunch of 
  self-righteous Gamba roots, instantly began trying to free himself from the sticky 
  purple goo.
<Christofori> Suddenly, a strange man came forth, armed with a very sharp razor blade. 
  This man was X-Acto.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Viscious stuff, that Gambasmeg.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> w00t!
<Christofori> X-Acto appeared and quickly freed lustrousbris from the Gambasmeg (good 
<Christofori> steadfastbris was beside himself with joy! Now, not only was he free, but 
  he no longer had that very bad (but somehow intoxicating) taste in his mouth anymore!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> :-D
*** BardCat_ has joined #modarchive
<X-Acto> haha
<Christofori> byroadbris began to thank X-Acto the only way he knew how: he taught 
  X-Acto how to pleasure himself.
<X-Acto> hey PowerKitten
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<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Oh my...
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Typhoon down...
<X-Acto> lol
<Christofori> Meanwhile, Warhawk lay dazed and confused in the middle of nowhere, which 
  was, itself, in the middle of the Enchanted Forest.
<Christofori> oops..
<Christofori> I'll post that again when they get back.
*** Ralesk has joined #modarchive
<Christofori> <me pauses for a moment
<Christofori> >
*** ``Spiral has quit IRC (Quit:
* Ralesk . o O ( fukkin netsplit >_< )
<Christofori> yup.. :/
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Let us observe a moment of silence...
<Christofori> lol
*** Kruser has joined #modarchive
<Kruser> buh
<Kruser> duh
<Kruser> wuh
<Kruser> luh
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Christofori, you're going to save this whole story, right?
<Kruser> zuh
<Kruser> ruh
<Christofori> yes, of course!
<Kruser> auh
<Kruser> ALLRIGHT!!!
<Christofori> brb!
<Kruser> damnation!  Is the story over?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Just like the 'bris name, only this time it's 'uh with a single letter 
  prefix. Brilliant :-).
<Kruser> :)))  heh, thanx...  that was to keep the server pinged and not let it lag
*** HyoCHAN has joined #modarchive
*** ModStats has joined #modarchive
*** sets mode: +vv HyoCHAN ModStats
<Ralesk> hey, no dccallow shit anymore?
<BardCat_> Not for pictures
<Ralesk> :)
*** Komsip has joined #modarchive
<Komsip> hello
<Ralesk> pismoK
<Kruser> ey Komsip
<X-Acto> hey Komsip
<Christofori> ok..
<Kruser> HA!!!  :))))))
<Kruser> good one ral
<Christofori> Looks like the "splitted" are back (for the most part..)
<Christofori> Continuing on:
<Christofori> Meanwhile, Warhawk lay dazed and confused in the middle of nowhere, which 
  was, itself, in the middle of the Enchanted Forest.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Okay :-D!
<Ralesk> Christofori: please save the thing in a text file later ;)
<Kruser> Enchanted Forest = nowhere...  sounds reasonable
<Kruser> :))))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lOl
<Christofori> He was beside himself with anguish! How could his beloved and powerful 
  Talon of Light have been destroyed by a stupid bitch?
<Kruser> warhawk was beside himself...  gee, he can never be alone, then
<Kruser> ;)))))))))
<Christofori> Well.. HyoCHAN wasn't there anymore; though she did stay to laugh at 
  Warhawk for a bit.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
<Christofori> She went off looking for MeowMiX.
<BardCat_> Hi!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Finding him never seems to be a problem ;-).
<Christofori> Well, Stary took pity on Warhawk, and lifted him up and took him back to 
  his pad so he could recover.
<Christofori> nearestbris, on the other hand, had set out to find HyoCHAN.
<Christofori> Little did they know that a trickster god was going to intervene..!
<Kruser> more gods?  ;))))  nice
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Uh oh...
<Christofori> This god (who shall remain nameless, to protect the identity of the 
  innocent) decided that he would play the cruelest, most devious trick on the two 
  ill-fated lovers.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> He would KILL one of them! How origiinal!
<Christofori> The trickster god reincarnated Ralesk; but, there was a catch.
<Christofori> Slam: Nice try.. :P
<Kruser> ill-fated?  Their fate caught a cold?
<Kruser> ;))))))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> He was only alive for one minute?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Like Barry?
<Christofori> Nope!
<BardCat_> He was a girl?
<Christofori> Wanna keep guessing??
<Christofori> lol.. no
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> He had to carry a testilantern around?
<BardCat_> HE HAD NO SEX?
<Christofori> well.. not EXACTLY anyway..
<Kruser> Ralesk hath arisen...  "Ralesk 2 in cinemas everywhere"
<Kruser> ;)))))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> :-)
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Komsip
<Christofori> OK.. well, Ralesk was reincarnated; but he was still somewhat of a ghost. 
  He seemed real enough to those whom he appeared to, but, in reality, once you're dead, 
  you're dead... right??
* SLAM[CD-CoS] tries using Lynx as a web browser/
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> .
<Kruser> Christofori:  unless youre UNdead
<Kruser> ;))))))))))
<Ralesk> slam: lynx rules
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> :-)
<Christofori> Anywayz, Ralesk's conditions were that he could only appear to two people.
<Christofori> Any guesses as to whom?
<Kruser> Christofori:  you and Ralesk himself?
<Kruser> ;))))))))))))))))))
<Christofori> No
<X-Acto> =)
<Ralesk> rawhawk and the bardcat
<Christofori> Slam?
<Christofori> No, ralesk
* SLAM[CD-CoS] is nervious
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> HyChan and...nervousbris?
<Kruser> slam always knows...  ;)))))
<Christofori> Slam gets a gold star!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> w00t :-D!
<Ralesk> :D
* SLAM[CD-CoS] looks at gold star
<Christofori> Yes, Ralesk could now only appear to wastagebris and HyoCHAN.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> What do I do with this?
<Kruser> slam, you're the next storyteller, I can see...  ;)))
<Christofori> There was still another catch to this treachery, though!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Oh, yeah :-).
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> !
<Komsip> =(
<Kruser> Komsip?
* SLAM[CD-CoS] plays an ominous pipe organ chord
* Ralesk gives slam an LG instead as GoldStar doesn't exist for quite a while anymore -- 
  not on that name that is
<Christofori> You see, when Ralesk appeared to Okaybris, he would look, convincingly 
  enough, like HyoCHAN.
<Christofori> ..
<Christofori> and, when he appeared to HyoCHAN, he would look like..?
<Kruser> aw my...
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Oh man...that's just nasty.
<Ralesk> Gargoyle :DDD
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> identicalbris
<Christofori> Ralesk: no.
<Kruser> Papabris and Ralesk would have and intercourse?  And a kid would be born from 
*** DJ_iKKi has joined #modarchive
<Christofori> Slam: No, you dissapoint me!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> !
<Kruser> Christofori:  are you sure you're not sick or anything?
<Kruser> ;))))))))
<Kruser> yo Ikki
<Christofori> Kruser: No, I'm fine!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> To HyoChan he would look like HyoChan also?
<Christofori> Slam: No.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> I thought to hyochan he would look like disappointedbris...
<Christofori> To HyoCHAN, Ralesk would appear to be MeowMiX!
<Christofori> Yesss.!
<Ralesk> ahh damn
<Kruser> Ralesk...  the Master of Beard, disguise and approach
<Kruser> ;))))))))
<Christofori> So, Ralesk got to have some fun (and his way) with BOTH HyoCHAN and 
<Kruser> Christofori:  erm...  why?
<Kruser> ;)))))))
<Christofori> This made the infamous god of mischief very happy.
<Ralesk> diamagnetismbris. LOL!!!!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Aaaah...that's just sickly.
<Christofori> It's not my doing! It's the god of mischief's doing!
<Kruser> god of mischief?  Stary?
<Kruser> ;))))))))
<Ralesk> nope :)
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> No, the god of mischeif is unnamed to protect him...or something.
<Ralesk> stary is someone else
<Christofori> Anyway, the god of Mischief took great pleasure in watching 
  onomatopoeicbris make love to a man, and HyoCHAN make love to her little "beast of 
<Kruser> argh!  Christofori:  make a list of characters ASAP!!!  ;)))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Stary is HyoChan's dirty daddy, you might say.
<Ralesk> damn chris :D
<Christofori> lol
<DJ_iKKi> yo, ppl...long time
<Kruser> Komsip i s the god of mischief?
<Kruser> :)))))))))
<BardCat_> And ask Ralesk to draw them!
<Kruser> wow!!!  :)))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> He is now.
<Christofori> lol
*** Ralesk is now known as Ral^SHOWER
<Ral^SHOWER> BardCat: shut up already.. I suck at drawing!
<Kruser> geezz...  Ral makes love to 2 people at the same time, while taking a shower
<Christofori> Well, some unfortunate side effects took place as a result of these unholy 
<Kruser> talk about a multiprocessing system
<Kruser> ;))))))))0
<Kruser> yeah...  orcs were created?
<Kruser> ;)))))))
<Christofori> Balzacbris seems to have gotten the worse end of the deal, as his pecker 
  rotted off and fell to the forest ground.
<Kruser> AWG!!!!
<Christofori> <lol! Balzacbris! I love this thing!!>
<Kruser> ;))))))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Christofori: Teach me how to program these scripts sometime :-).
<Christofori> HyoCHAN, however, wasn't so lucky...
<Christofori> Slam: OK.
<Christofori> YEs!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> His brisstick falls off and he's LUCKY?
<Christofori> HyoCHAN became pregnant with the evil ghost's child.
* SLAM[CD-CoS] plays a hideoiusly loud ominous pope organ chord.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> *pipe organ
<Kruser> uh...  this should be weird...  ;))
<Christofori> And this, dear children, is the end of this chapter! You will have to wait 
  until the next installment to find out what has happened! Bwayayayayayaa!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> The fetus kinda floats away...
<Christofori> hehehe
<Kruser> duh!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Okay, I should tell a story at some point...
<Kruser> this was episode 2?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Not just yet tohugh.
<Kruser> ;))))))
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Yep :-).
* Christofori prepares to cut-copy-paste the whole thing.. ARCH!

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