This is the story as it appeared in the #modarchive IRC channel.  It gives more insight as to why some people seem "suddenly" mentioned.  Enjoy!

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[21:35] <grl> times a wastin :p
[21:35] <Christofori> okay :D
[21:35] <Christofori> Well
[21:35] <Christofori> Yesterday, those of you who were here got to see the trailer, or preview, to tonight's story
[21:36] <Christofori> It all began one night long, long ago
[21:36] <grl> :p
[21:36] <HunterZ> grl shh
[21:36] <grl> hahha
[21:36] <Christofori> growl was monotoring the channel, when two strange characters time-knapped her
[21:36] <grl> i'll hurt you :p
[21:36] <grl> growl aww
[21:36] <X-Acto> :)
[21:36] <Christofori> (of course, all of those details are in the first chapter..)
[21:36] <grl> (hi x!!!!!!!!!!! :D)
[21:37] <Christofori> Anyway, we haven't heard from growl in quite a long time
[21:37] <HunterZ> grl shh
[21:37] <X-Acto> hey jenn :)
[21:37] * grl jumps on HunterZ
[21:37] <HunterZ> :D
[21:37] <grl> yes, i've been hibernating
[21:37] <Christofori> Anyway, suffice it to say that no one really knows what happened to her
[21:37] <Christofori> So, as we begin our story, it's important to note a few details
[21:38] <Christofori> growl was last seen in #modarchive on August 2, 2002.
[21:38] <grl> (khryst0 used to call me growl; for those of you who don't know who he is referring to, but it is yours truly *blink blink*)
[21:38] <Christofori> It is currently January 29, 2003. (of course, it is the 30th in some places already; however, where growl used to reside, it is still the 29th.)
[21:38] <grl> lol
[21:38] <Christofori> Now that the back story has been told, we can continue.
[21:38] <ExcelioN> ;)
[21:39] <Christofori> Timescape
[21:39] <Christofori> Chapter II
[21:39] <grl> *eerie noise*
[21:39] <Christofori> The Eternal Void
[21:39] * Goblin spews fire effects randomly!
[21:39] <Christofori> lol graal
[21:39] <grl> *da dun!*
[21:39] * StarSyndr0me has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[21:39] <HunterZ> grl shh
[21:39] <ExcelioN> shh shh shh
[21:40] <grl> you CAN still say things you know :p we're not all mute
[21:40] <Christofori> Things had been going well in the #modarchive channel as of late. With all of the instability issues occuring on DALnet since late last year, Stary (the channel founder) had decided to create a more vast #modarchive channel on several IRC servers.
[21:40] <ExcelioN> ;) im a mutant
[21:40] <HunterZ> i'm a newt
[21:40] <ExcelioN> ;)
[21:40] <Katethegreat> lol
[21:40] <Christofori> While DALnet still hosted the channel in a way, most of the active participants had moved over to a smaller, less-known network called EsperNet.
[21:41] <grl> :D
[21:41] <grl> the "most important people" moved to espernet. ahem
[21:41] <HunterZ> lol
[21:41] <ExcelioN> i have no chair shh
[21:41] <Christofori> Anyway, like mentioned previously, things had been going well in #modarchive for quite some time.
[21:41] <HunterZ> ExcelioN shh
[21:41] <ExcelioN> ;)
[21:41] <Katethegreat> lmao
[21:41] <grl> shh
[21:41] <HunterZ> shh
[21:41] * grl shhs HunterZ
[21:41] <Christofori> Of course, there were always those few trolls who liked to try to break in and disrupt normal channel operations..
[21:42] * HunterZ shhs grl
[21:42] <Christofori> And it was times like those when Stary truly missed growl.
[21:42] <grl> Yes namely Listerine
[21:42] <grl> stary missed me :D
[21:42] <HunterZ> lol
[21:42] <X-Acto> :)
[21:42] * grl makes popcorn
[21:42] <Christofori> You see, growl was always on top of patrolling the channel, and she had the quickest ban time of all the channel ops.
[21:42] <grl> rofl
[21:42] <Christofori> But, as far as everyone knew, growl had simply fallen off the face of the earth; never to be heard from again.
[21:43] <HunterZ> [ 6:46:02:pm ] < 12Listerine > Stupid whore
[21:43] <HunterZ> [ 6:46:39:pm ] grl sets mode: +b *!*
[21:43] <grl> ;(
[21:43] <grl> hehe
[21:43] <grl> 37 seconds!
[21:43] * grl blows the smoke from her mouse
[21:43] <Christofori> So, one particularly quiet night in the channel, there were only a few people speaking of this and that (mainly talking about various kinds of trackers, and which one they each preferred).
[21:44] <grl> (not aciddose trkr cos it is ghey)
[21:44] <X-Acto> haha
[21:44] <HunterZ> rofl
[21:44] <Goblin> We talk about trackers here? ::ducks::
[21:44] <ExcelioN> ;) LOL
[21:44] <HunterZ> er i mean shh
[21:44] <grl> gob haha
[21:44] <Christofori> The main participants in the conversation were X-Acto, Goblin, HunterZ, and ExcelioN; while the idlers (who mainly just sit there all the time) were AcidSoul[LR], M0d[afk], and the infamous James-Bond.
[21:44] <ExcelioN> <---
[21:45] <grl> lol
[21:45] <HunterZ> <---
[21:45] <Christofori> Anyway, all the tracking talk was going well, until...
[21:45] <Christofori> Something strange happened.
[21:45] <X-Acto> :)
[21:45] <Christofori> Something very.. well, actually, it was more peculiar than anything, really.
[21:45] <ExcelioN> ;)
[21:46] <Christofori> You see, no one really knows what IRC actually looks like; they just think of it more as a chat system where you connect to a network with your favorite client..
[21:46] <Christofori> Well, IRC itself DOES have a particular look to it.
[21:46] * AcidDose has joined #modarchive
[21:46] <Christofori> And, that night -- January 29, 2003 -- IRC began to change shapes.
[21:46] * AcidDose changes shape
[21:46] <grl> here we go
[21:46] * AcidDose changes into a pineapple
[21:46] * grl rolls her eyes
[21:46] * HunterZ olls his eyes
[21:46] <Katethegreat> lol
[21:47] <Christofori> Normally, IRC was in the shape of a spiral-type galaxy..
[21:47] <Christofori> However
[21:47] * AcidDose oils his eyes
[21:47] * ExcelioN changes began while drinking cola
[21:47] <grl> AcidDose shush and read
[21:47] * HunterZ wonders what IRC looks like during a netsplit
[21:47] * AcidDose pulls down his pants and shows HunterZ
[21:47] <Christofori> IRC began to shape itself into a vast, random filiment of millions of tiny pin-points.
[21:47] <HunterZ> AcidDose shh
[21:47] * AcidDose was kicked by grl (no rude comments right now. )
[21:47] * AcidDose has joined #modarchive
[21:48] <Christofori> Each pin-point was a server, which had (in itself) several users connected.
[21:48] <AcidDose> i was just shoing him what the gap between two halves of the network looks like. god.
[21:48] * TMA sets mode: +v AcidDose
[21:48] <grl> shh
[21:48] <Christofori> Well, anyway, let's just make it a shorter story by saying that IRC was becomming quite different.
[21:48] <Christofori> At first, no one in the quaint little channel of #modarchive noticed anything out of the ordinary.
[21:49] <Christofori> Suddenly, however, people started vanishing into nothingness.
[21:49] <grl> :o
[21:49] <ExcelioN> netsplit ;)
[21:49] <Christofori> Well, at least, it looked like more of a netsplit; which was really uncommon on EsperNet (though not unheard of, of course..)
[21:49] <HunterZ> lol
[21:49] <Christofori> lol good eye ExcelioN :P
[21:49] <ExcelioN> LOL
[21:49] <grl> hehe
[21:49] <ExcelioN> ;)
[21:49] <Christofori> Anyway, people started vanishing.
[21:50] <Christofori> Before long, the only ones left were HunterZ, Goblin, X-Acto, and James-Bond.
[21:50] <Christofori> Then, as each of the remaining patrons of #modarchive hoped that they wouldn't be the last, it all stopped.
[21:50] <Christofori> No one else vanished.
[21:50] <Christofori> Several moments of strained silence passed.
[21:51] <Christofori> The first to speak up was HunterZ.
[21:51] <HunterZ> i. am. the. survivor.
[21:51] <X-Acto> hehe
[21:51] <ExcelioN> ;)
[21:51] <grl> :p
[21:51] <Christofori> "What the hell? When is X-Acto gonna disappear?" HunterZ asked. "I want a chance to get channel ops :P" he said, with a smirk.
[21:51] <HunterZ> lolol
[21:52] <grl> heh'
[21:52] <X-Acto> :)
[21:52] <Christofori> "Oi, buzznads!" X-Acto cautioned. "I am the last remaining OP here, and as long as I am in charge, we will be okay."
[21:52] <grl> buzznads??
[21:52] <X-Acto> haha
[21:52] * HunterZ shrugs
[21:52] <Christofori> "Riiiiiiiight," quipped in Goblin. "You're just saying that because you're afraid you're NEXT!"
[21:52] * grl looks at X-Acto and wonders if he really says that :p
[21:52] * HunterZ DDoS attacks X-Acto so he disconnects
[21:53] <grl> lol
[21:53] <Christofori> X-Acto shrugged his shoulders (virtually, of course), indicating that he wasn't sure what would happen.
[21:53] <grl> you leave X-Acto alone!
[21:53] <grl> hes my buddy
[21:53] <Christofori> Well, several moments passed, and none of them disappeared.
[21:53] <ExcelioN> ;)
[21:53] <X-Acto> :)
[21:53] * HunterZ votes X-Acto off the island
[21:53] <Christofori> They became so complacent in their sense of security that they were again talking of trackers.
[21:53] * grl sits on HunterZ to keep him occupied
[21:54] <Christofori> They had nearly forgotten about the strange netsplits, until...
[21:54] * HunterZ smiles really big and shuts up
[21:54] <Christofori> Suddenly, they all heard a MOD begin to play.
[21:54] <grl> lol
[21:54] <Christofori> "Wait.. I know this one!" shouted ExcelioN/
[21:54] <grl> *cueball*
[21:54] <Christofori> "It's 'Space Debris' by Captain," informed X-Acto.
[21:54] <ExcelioN> ;)
[21:54] <X-Acto> :)
[21:54] <Christofori> "Dah, I KNEW that!" said ExcelioN. "You didn't even give me a chance!"
[21:54] <grl> space debris pfff
[21:54] <ExcelioN> when did i come back
[21:54] <ExcelioN> ?
[21:54] <Christofori> dah, good point ExcelioN
[21:55] <Christofori> ...
[21:55] <ExcelioN> ;)
[21:55] <grl> lol
[21:55] <X-Acto> hehe
[21:55] <Christofori> I will fix it in the real version
[21:55] <ExcelioN> lol
[21:55] <Christofori> let's just say you were one of the remaining ppl :P
[21:55] <ExcelioN> k ;)
[21:55] <Christofori> (hehe, well, spontaneous stories sometimes have strange and unusual details) :P
[21:56] * Libris has joined #modarchive
[21:56] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Libris
[21:56] <ExcelioN> mabye i was there all along
[21:56] <grl> nick :D
[21:56] <HunterZ> fashionablylatebris: :p
[21:56] * grl huuugs nick
[21:56] <X-Acto> hey nick :)
[21:56] <Christofori> Anyway, the patrons were soon busy trying to figure out how they were hearing a MOD through IRC, when, suddenly, something even MORE peculiar happened.
[21:56] <Christofori> (hello streptomycinbris)
[21:56] <Libris> lol
[21:56] <X-Acto> lol
[21:56] <Libris> hey guys
[21:56] * Libris hugs jenn
[21:56] <Libris> sorry I'm err. late :P
[21:56] <grl> Very late :p
[21:56] <Christofori> James-Bond changed color.
[21:57] <grl> you will need a spanking for that too
[21:57] * Goblin should have been late :(
[21:57] <HunterZ> omg color changing people in IRC
[21:57] <Christofori> That in and of itself isn't really that strange, but, IRC doesn't allow nicks to be of any color.
[21:57] <grl> lol
[21:57] <Christofori> Soon, though, James-Bond himself disappeared in a netsplit.
[21:57] <HunterZ> loser
[21:57] <grl> oh no!
[21:57] <Goblin> :gasp:
[21:57] <grl> not our most faithful user
[21:57] <Christofori> This time, though, the remaining patrons felt the ground quake slightly.
[21:58] <Libris> lol
[21:58] <Christofori> "OMG!" they all shouted in unison.
[21:58] <grl> he's #1 on the stats! next to me of course :p
[21:58] <Katethegreat> hmm..
[21:58] * SCSIMan-sleeping is now known as SCSIMan
[21:58] <Libris> hey katex
[21:58] <Christofori> "What the heck was that?" Goblin queried excitedly, thinking the world was on fire.
[21:58] <grl> wb scsi
[21:58] <Goblin> haha
[21:58] <grl> hehehe
[21:58] <Christofori> "What, you felt it too??" HunterZ worridly asked.
[21:59] <Katethegreat> hey Nick
[21:59] * HunterZ bets everything looks like it's on fire when your eyes are always burninating
[21:59] <grl> lol
[21:59] <Christofori> "I think we all felt it, whatever it was," X-Acto informed them. "The question now is, what comes next?"
[21:59] <Goblin> it's true HunterZ :D
[21:59] * grl is on fire
[21:59] <X-Acto> :)
[21:59] <Goblin> grl is on FIAR!
[21:59] <grl> my body is on fire
[21:59] <SCSIMan> thanks :)
[21:59] <HunterZ> grl yeah cuz you're so HOT!
[21:59] * SCSIMan yawns
[22:00] <grl> im burnin up, burnin up, dundundundun burnin up
[22:00] <Christofori> Suddenly, though, ExcelioN and X-Acto also disappeared, and were also accompanied by a loud *THUD* sound and a more massive ground quake.
[22:00] <grl> HunterZ; yes, yes i am :p
[22:00] <X-Acto> lol
[22:00] <ExcelioN> ;)
[22:00] <Katethegreat> and so modest grl
[22:00] <Christofori> "OMG!" shouted HunterZ. "They disappeared!!"
[22:00] <grl> oh yes, of course
[22:00] <HunterZ> sweet so i got ops now?
[22:00] <Christofori> HunterZ looked worridly at Goblin's nick, and...
[22:00] <grl> lol
[22:01] <Christofori> HunterZ realized that he wasn't looking at Goblin's nick.
[22:01] <Christofori> He was looking at Goblin himself!
[22:01] * grl throws a handful of popcorn at HunterZ
[22:01] <HunterZ> o_O
[22:01] <ExcelioN> hehe
[22:01] <Goblin> haha
[22:01] <HunterZ> lol jenn
[22:01] <Christofori> Goblin and HunterZ locked eyes in a bewildered and frightened gaze.
[22:01] <HunterZ> Goblin man you're ugly
[22:01] <Christofori> They each stared at the other for several minutes.
[22:01] <X-Acto> rofl
[22:01] <Goblin> HunterZ to one as ugly as yourself it would seem so.
[22:01] <grl> awww be nice
[22:02] <Christofori> They could hear nothing. They could see nothing else than each other. It was almost as if time itself had frozen around them, and they were trapped in some eternal void...
[22:02] <Christofori> ** fade out **
[22:02] <grl> fade out?!?!
[22:02] <HunterZ> oh great, of all the people to be trapped in eternity with...
[22:02] <Christofori> graal was beside herself with envy.
[22:02] <Goblin> haha
[22:02] <grl> :p
[22:02] <grl> wheres the part where i get naked and we all get drunk and have a good time?!
[22:03] <grl> rofl
[22:03] <HunterZ> wooo
[22:03] <X-Acto> hyaha
[22:03] <ExcelioN> ;)
[22:03] <Christofori> Here she was, fighting in the crusades, with her trusty sword and her best knights riding along side her.
[22:03] <HunterZ> X-Acto easy there fella
[22:03] <X-Acto> :)
[22:03] <Christofori> And she appeared to be on the losing side!
[22:03] * grl wants to table dance, cmon!
[22:03] <grl> lol
[22:03] <Katethegreat> ha ha
[22:04] <Christofori> graal sliced and hacked at her enemies, with one thought in mind: kill. Kill them all.
[22:04] * grl is no loser!
[22:04] * grl will win this war
[22:04] <grl> this war against terrorism
[22:04] <Christofori> She didn't know why she was killing; just that she was, and that is what was important.
[22:04] <Christofori> lol graal
[22:04] <Christofori> no
[22:04] <Christofori> :P
[22:04] <Goblin> without fire, grl? no winning wars without burnination
[22:04] <Christofori> crusades :P
[22:04] <grl> thats why i have you gobby!
[22:04] <Goblin> :D
[22:04] <grl> crusades? pfff
[22:04] <grl> put me in a tank and call me tank grl :p
[22:05] <ExcelioN> ;)
[22:05] <Christofori> Suddenly, graal stopped killing. She stopped running. Actually, she found herself standing there, in the midst of a raging battle!
[22:05] <grl> curling my hair with my finger?
[22:05] <ExcelioN> don't look at the light grl
[22:05] <Christofori> She gazed all around herself, and slowly looked down to see the bloody sword she held in her hand.
[22:05] <grl> ok i won't
[22:05] <Christofori> She dropped the sword.
[22:05] <grl> i stabbed myself in the foot :|
[22:05] <Christofori> "Damnit! Another war?!?" was all she said.
[22:06] <Christofori> graal frantically searched through her pockets for the device.
[22:06] * HunterZ has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
[22:06] <grl> awww nooo
[22:06] <grl> ***break***
[22:06] <Christofori> She knew she had left it somewhere, after all, she could SWEAR that she had just had it!
[22:06] <Christofori> ***okay***
[22:06] * Christofori rests his hands
[22:06] <grl> so far so good ;D
[22:06] <grl> lol
[22:07] <grl> no doubt
[22:07] <ExcelioN> ahh nice story, i will have nightmares for years
[22:07] <X-Acto> haha
[22:07] <grl> its not done yet!!
[22:07] * Christofori will have just a few more lines in the stats soon, lol
[22:07] <Christofori> ExcelioN, no it's not finished :P
[22:07] <ExcelioN> ;)
[22:07] * grl pokes nick
[22:07] * Libris ripples
[22:07] <grl> what you doin suga
[22:07] <Christofori> graal, I need to continue soon.. if he's not back soon I'll have to keep going
[22:07] <grl> he will be back ;) he always comes back
[22:08] <Libris> chekin mah email..chekin mah email
[22:08] * Christofori believes grl
[22:08] * ExcelioN needs therapy after this story
[22:08] <grl> aww ExcelioN
[22:08] <ExcelioN> ;) hehe
[22:08] <ExcelioN> so much violence
[22:08] <ExcelioN> and blood
[22:08] <Katethegreat> poor Excelion
[22:08] * grl pats ExcelioN ;)
[22:08] <Goblin> no burnination though :(
[22:08] <Goblin> yet.
[22:08] <Christofori> hmm, chlorophyllbris isn't in it yet since he missed the beginning.. I need ta think of a way to write him in :P
[22:08] <grl> welcome to modarchive dear
[22:08] <ExcelioN> feels a little better
[22:09] <Libris> that bad mark, he still hasn't replied to my email :(
[22:09] <grl> khryst0tofori; how many chapters will you do?
[22:09] * network19 has joined #modarchive
[22:09] <Libris> I can fall from the sky
[22:09] * Goblin Burninates for the sake of it because HunterZ isn't here so he can Burninate however much he wants
[22:09] <grl> speak of the d3v1l
[22:09] <Christofori> graal: prolly three, unless during the next one I can't quite wrap it up.. then I'll shoot for five
[22:09] <grl> hi marky mark ;)
[22:09] * Goblin the Burninator!
[22:09] <Libris> hey markula
[22:09] <grl> khryst0; kay ;)
[22:09] <network19> jennibuns :)
[22:09] * TMA sets mode: +v network19
[22:09] <Christofori> graal: but this chapter will be a bit longer :/
[22:09] <network19> kinickerbris :)
[22:09] <grl> k but are you stoppin soon?
[22:10] <Christofori> actually, it may not be toooo long
[22:10] <network19> chris :)
[22:10] <Christofori> graal, I can prolly wrap it up in a bit
[22:10] <Christofori> heya mark
[22:10] <grl> like, 20 mins? :p
[22:10] <Katethegreat> hey network19
[22:10] <Christofori> maybe
[22:10] <network19> nick... get my email ?
[22:10] <network19> kate :)
[22:10] <grl> haha
[22:10] <Christofori> if I can keep going
[22:10] <grl> pushy pushy huh?
[22:10] <Libris> <Libris> that bad mark, he still hasn't replied to my email :(
[22:10] <Libris> lol
[22:10] <grl> i'm pretty demanding
[22:10] <Libris> nope, hasn't arrived yet :P
[22:10] <Christofori> the whole thing will be on my site later, of course, graal
[22:10] <grl> of course darlin :p
[22:10] <Libris> is pretty dodgy, I'm sure it'll turn up
[22:10] <Christofori> so I can keep going then?
[22:11] <ExcelioN> Christofori: site adress?
[22:11] <grl> yeah i spose.. he usually comes right back :\
[22:11] <network19> i sent it yesterday and it bounced back and said it was gonna keep to trying to send... i'll just send ya the .txt file now :)
[22:11] <Christofori> ExcelioN:
[22:11] <grl> ExcelioN;
[22:11] <ExcelioN> ;)
[22:11] <Christofori> lol graal
[22:11] <ExcelioN> danke
[22:11] <grl> shoot, beat me :p
[22:11] <Libris> cheers mark ;)
[22:11] * Christofori beats grl
[22:11] * grl beats chris
[22:11] <grl> i gotta take gotta take my mind offa you
[22:11] <Christofori> *** starts up again ***
[22:11] * Goblin the Burninator makes some more fire effects for the story
[22:11] <grl> dun dun dunnnndun
[22:12] <Libris> thankyousir :)
[22:12] <Christofori> Where were we.. Ah yess. graal was busy looking for the device she seemed to have lost.
[22:12] <network19> np :)
[22:12] <grl> gob :p
[22:12] <Christofori> Suddenly, graal's fingers closed around a small metallic object.
[22:12] <grl> device, lol no comment :p
[22:12] <Goblin> a burninator!
[22:12] <Christofori> "There it is, the little bugger!" she cried with glee.
[22:12] <grl> my metallic pocket rocket, THATS where it went!!!!! aww
[22:12] <X-Acto> :)
[22:12] <Goblin> haha
[22:12] <network19> i just had to do some rewiring.. i discovered the cat has been behind my comp at night chewing wires... grrrrrr...
[22:12] * grl cheers
[22:13] <Christofori> Just then, graal heard a *whoosh!* right next to her ear.
[22:13] <grl> mark :|
[22:13] <Katethegreat> Mark, lmao
[22:13] <Christofori> She looked up, only to see a large horde of archers moving towards her, firing arrows like mad.
[22:13] <grl> thats not funny
[22:13] <grl> lol
[22:13] <grl> archers?
[22:13] <network19> i chased and she ran to the basement... then she came back up making little sad kitty noises... lol...
[22:13] <Christofori> "Dah!" graal screamed.
[22:13] <grl> awwww mark
[22:13] * grl screams "Dah!"
[22:14] <Christofori> (graal, yeah, this is the crusades.. they still had archers [at least, I say they did!])
[22:14] <grl> (yes sir.)
[22:14] <Christofori> graal took one frenzied look at the archers, and ran in the opposite direction.
[22:14] <Christofori> "Damn the luck!" she exclaimed.
[22:14] <network19> hows it look nick any good ?
[22:15] <Christofori> Quickly, she began mashing buttons like mad on her metallic object.
[22:15] <grl> lol
[22:15] <grl> good metallic object..
[22:15] * grl pats her metallic object
[22:15] <Christofori> Her frustration growing to an extreme level, graal quickly became cross with the little object.
[22:15] <Goblin> it has lots of features I guess, grl
[22:15] <grl> thats ok i dont mind :D
[22:15] * grl became cross?
[22:16] <Christofori> "Damn you! Why couldn't Toffee_ and MystiQue have gotten you working right before they sent me off on this wild goose-chase?!"
[22:16] <Libris> mark: yep, perfect
[22:16] <network19> coolies :)
[22:16] <Goblin> grl is a button masher, don't play mortal kombat with her :P
[22:16] <grl> lol
[22:16] <grl> hey i'm actually not bad at that game :p
[22:16] <Christofori> (you see, Toffee_ and MystiQue were the people that invented the time machine that sent growl away in the first place).
[22:16] <grl> khryst0 :D
[22:17] <Christofori> (But you would have known that if you'd read TS1 already.. :P)
[22:17] <Goblin> I did I did!
[22:17] <grl> lol
[22:17] <Christofori> Anyway, something finally clicked, and graal vanished into thin air!
[22:17] <ExcelioN> netsplit? ;)
[22:17] <grl> *to be continued?*
[22:17] <Katethegreat> lol
[22:17] <Christofori> One of the archers which had been running towards her had noticed her vanish.
[22:17] <Christofori> He stopped running, with a confused look on his face.
[22:17] <ExcelioN> only one?
[22:17] <Goblin> None of the other ones noticed?
[22:18] <grl> lol
[22:18] <ExcelioN> ;)
[22:18] <Goblin> :P
[22:18] <ExcelioN> hehe
[22:18] <Christofori> (they were actually shooting at the ppl behind graal..)
[22:18] <grl> he was staring at my butt :p
[22:18] <Goblin> haha
[22:18] <Christofori> (so they didn't really notice, no..)
[22:18] <ExcelioN> LOL
[22:18] <Katethegreat> no grl your booty
[22:18] <grl> mm yes, booty
[22:19] <Christofori> Suddenly, the lone archer who noticed graal in the first place fell backwards, dead.
[22:19] <Goblin> burninated? :)
[22:19] <grl> woe
[22:19] <Katethegreat> lol
[22:19] <grl> dead?!
[22:19] <Christofori> A rather large spear had been thrown from the opposing team, and it just happened to hit him square in the forehead.
[22:19] <Katethegreat> yay
[22:19] <Goblin> haha
[22:19] <grl> ahhh
[22:19] <Goblin> opposing team?
[22:19] <Goblin> what is this, tag?
[22:19] <ExcelioN> nightmares...
[22:19] <grl> lol!
[22:19] <grl> its ok ExcelioN, just close your eyes ;)
[22:19] <Christofori> No sooner had his now lifeless corpse hit the ground, that it caught fire and burned to a crisp.
[22:19] <ExcelioN> hehe
[22:19] <Goblin> or wait, were the crusades just one big CTF game
[22:20] <Christofori> LOL
[22:20] <Goblin> Yes!
[22:20] <Goblin> BURNINATION!
[22:20] <grl> hahaha
[22:20] <Christofori> Yes, yes, that was for Goblin :P
[22:20] <Christofori> *** fade out ***
[22:20] <Goblin> fade out?
[22:20] <Christofori> Burning Man and Hunting Soul were busy building a fire.
[22:20] * grl should make chris's voice sample tonight
[22:20] <Goblin> ahh
[22:21] <Goblin> burning man?
[22:21] <Goblin> Burning Goblin!
[22:21] <grl> :p
[22:21] <Christofori> "No, you rub stick like this!" exclaimed Burning Man wildly, as he snatched two sticks from Hunting Soul with fury.
[22:21] <grl> ah shit no wonder my face was so hot
[22:21] <Christofori> "Oi!" exclaimed Hunting Soul.
[22:22] <Christofori> "Me try make fire with those!" Hunting Soul angrilly informed his compadre.
[22:22] <grl> i'm allergic to wool and this wool sweater was so conveniently laying on my laundry basket
[22:22] <Christofori> "No, you not know how, silly Hunter!" chided Burning Man.
[22:22] <Christofori> Soon enough, though, Burning Man had a nice warm fire going.
[22:22] <Libris> chided is such a cool word
[22:22] <grl> er are these uneducated folk khryst0? :p
[22:23] * Libris chides
[22:23] <Christofori> It was comforting to both of them; so much so, in fact, that they had forgotten they were even quarraling.
[22:23] <X-Acto> :)
[22:23] <Goblin> It looks like I was transformed to a non-goblin and sent to many years before :P
[22:23] <grl> lol
[22:23] <Christofori> They were about to settle in for the night, when Hunting Soul heard something in the distance.
[22:23] <ExcelioN> <---
[22:24] <ExcelioN> ;)
[22:24] <Christofori> "What that noise?" Burning Man exclaimed wildly.
[22:24] <X-Acto> :)
[22:24] * Goblin thinks he better turn me into a Goblin sometime during this story :P
[22:24] <grl> lol
[22:24] <Christofori> "Shhhhh!" Hunting Soul madly said, as he put his ear to the ground.
[22:24] <ExcelioN> ;)
[22:25] <grl> madly said lol
[22:25] <grl> goooood grammer khryst0 :p
[22:25] <Christofori> Soon enough, Hunting Soul was apparently satisfied.
[22:25] <Christofori> He leaned back up.
[22:25] <Christofori> "We go now," he said to Burning Man.
[22:25] <Katethegreat> a stampede
[22:25] <Christofori> "No!" Burning Man said in disgust. "We have fire!"
[22:25] <Goblin> haha
[22:25] <Christofori> Hunting Soul stood, and begin to extinguish the flames (insert imagination here).
[22:25] <grl> ;)
[22:26] <Katethegreat> lol
[22:26] <grl> (to be continued............?)
[22:26] <Christofori> Burning Man looked up curiously, wondering what the hell was going on.
[22:26] <Christofori> Just then, he, too, heard a faint noise.
[22:27] <Christofori> It sounded something like a whooping crane crossed with a goat in heat.
[22:27] <grl> lol
[22:27] <ExcelioN> ;)
[22:27] <X-Acto> haha
[22:27] <Christofori> The two natives looked at each other with shock written all over their faces.
[22:27] <Christofori> "Skyscape Le Bris!" they both said in unison.
[22:27] <Katethegreat> and ran
[22:27] <grl> skyscape :D
[22:28] <Christofori> Soon enough, Burning Man stood and joined Hunting Soul in extinguishing the fire.
[22:28] <ExcelioN> damm i have to go now :( cya all, good night or good morning ;) bye /X
[22:28] * Christofori waves to ExcelioN
[22:28] <grl> awww bye ExcelioN!
[22:28] <grl> where the heck is ben, arg
[22:28] * ExcelioN has quit IRC (Quit: and all i wanted was to here the story to the end :((((( )
[22:28] <Christofori> The fire was out in no time, and the two natives quickly began to run of towards their tribe.
[22:28] <Christofori> Suddenly, though, something made them stop.
[22:29] <Christofori> They looked up into the sky, and saw a bright object.
[22:29] <Christofori> It looked like it was just ahead of them; perhaps it was on the crest of the nearby dunes.
[22:29] <Christofori> Curious as they were, the could not help but go investigate.
[22:30] <Katethegreat> and they died
[22:30] <Christofori> When they got to the dunes, Hunting Soul and Burning Man both crouched down to hide themselves, waiting to see what (if anything) had caused the light.
[22:30] <Libris> and kate feasted on their corpese
[22:30] <grl> ewww
[22:30] * grl wonders what caused the light
[22:30] <Christofori> They were quite amazed at what they saw!
[22:30] <grl> what'd they see, what'd they see
[22:31] <Katethegreat> lol
[22:31] <Christofori> Ahead of them, between some dunes, they saw a strangely clad female stand up and brush herself off.
[22:31] <Christofori> "Damn sand!" she said. Of course, somehow, Burning Man and Hunting Soul could understand what she was saying.
[22:31] <Katethegreat> grl
[22:31] <grl> yes katie?
[22:32] <Christofori> Burning Man looked at Hunting Soul in anticipation. Hunting Soul, however, remained motionless.
[22:32] <Katethegreat> no the female is you
[22:32] <Katethegreat> lol
[22:32] <Christofori> Burning Man began to stand up, his hormones raging out of control.
[22:32] <Goblin> haha
[22:32] <Katethegreat> lol
[22:32] <Christofori> However, Hunting Soul shoved Burning Man back to the ground with masterful stealth.
[22:32] <Goblin> He's on FIAR!!!!
[22:32] * TMA sets mode: -v TSR
[22:33] <Goblin> doh.
[22:33] <grl> did growl come back to life?!
[22:33] <Christofori> He looked at Burning Man, as if to say: "You fool!"
[22:33] <Christofori> (growl isn't dead...)
[22:33] <grl> ok did growl come back?! ;p
[22:33] <Christofori> (I'm getting there, bear with me)
[22:33] <Katethegreat> lol
[22:34] <Goblin> waitasec
[22:34] <Goblin> is growl the same as graal in this story?
[22:34] <grl> ye :p
[22:34] <grl> s
[22:34] <Christofori> Well, the natives continued watching the strange female. They could hear her spouting some sort of obsceneties, but they weren't quite sure what to make of her.
[22:34] <Goblin> ok, just checking, making sure grl didn't have multiple iterations
[22:34] <Christofori> Goblin: sort of, keep readin'
[22:34] <Goblin> oh oh am I smert!
[22:34] <Christofori> (me is getting there)
[22:34] <grl> lol
[22:34] <grl> i have a personality disorder
[22:35] <Christofori> Suddenly, however, Burning Man made a grunting sound. He really didn't mean to, but he couldn't exactly help it.
[22:35] <Katethegreat> lol
[22:35] <Goblin> a grunting sound?
[22:35] <grl> heheh
[22:35] <Christofori> You see, as Hunting Soul hadn't let him go take the female by force, as he'd wanted, Burning Man had resorted to an activity which shall, for now, remain unspoken.
[22:35] * Goblin grunts. Making me sound dirty.
[22:36] <grl> rofl
[22:36] <Goblin> She wouldn't have gone by force if she saw him, jeez
[22:36] <Christofori> The female heard the sound, though.
[22:36] <TMA> *** TMA@Scene ( has joined #modarchive
[22:36] <TMA> * TMA@Scene sets mode: +tnbb *!*@* *!Someone@*
[22:36] * TMA sets mode: -b *!*
[22:36] <TMA> * TMA@Undernet sets mode: -b *!*
[22:36] <TMA> * TMA@Dalnet sets mode: -b *!*
[22:37] <Christofori> "Who's there? Show yourselves!" the female shouted. "I know tie-kwan-do!" she menacingly threatened.
[22:37] <Goblin> haha
[22:37] <grl> tie kwan do lol
[22:37] * grl checks the time
[22:37] <Christofori> Hunting Soul was confused, and started to look to Burning Man for some idea as to what "tie kwan do" was. However, Hunting Soul was soon disgusted, as he remembered what Burning Man had been up to.
[22:38] <Christofori> Soon enough, the female had discovered the two natives.
[22:38] <Christofori> "Well well well, what have we here?" she queried.
[22:38] <Christofori> Hunting Soul got up, and greeted the female with the traditional indian greeting.
[22:39] <Christofori> Burning Man, however, continued to lay on the ground where he was; with a somewhat sheepish look on his face.
[22:39] <grl> lol
[22:39] * Goblin pouts
[22:39] <Katethegreat> ha ha
[22:39] <Katethegreat> poor goblin
[22:39] * grl gives Goblin a hug
[22:39] <Christofori> "Okay, look, I'm out of time, so you'll have to excuse me," the female said.
[22:39] <Christofori> She began to head off, away from the dunes.
[22:39] <Christofori> "No, wait!" Hunting Soul exclaimed.
[22:40] <Christofori> "Whaaaaaat?" the female said, obviously miffed about something.
[22:40] <Goblin> Hunting Soul speaks Candidaiding?
[22:40] <grl> lol
[22:40] <Christofori> (it's been established that they can all understand each other, lol)
[22:40] <Katethegreat> candidaiding?
[22:40] <grl> canadian
[22:41] <Christofori> "You not go that way. Skyscape Le Bris there! He hurt all!" Hunting Soul said earnestly.
[22:41] <grl> lol
[22:41] <Libris> ;D
[22:41] <grl> he chides people
[22:41] <Christofori> By this time, Burning Man had found the strength to stand, and he joined Hunting Soul and the female.
[22:41] <Christofori> "Hmm, this 'Skyscape' character, is he pretty bad then? Sounds kinda shifty..." the female said.
[22:42] <Katethegreat> shifty lmao
[22:42] <Christofori> "Yes, he bad!" said Burning Man as he brushed the sand from his sheepskin loincloth.
[22:42] <Christofori> Hunting Soul nodded in agreement.
[22:42] <grl> hah
[22:42] <Christofori> "You come with us," the latter said. "We keep you safe."
[22:43] * Libris sneaks
[22:43] <Christofori> The female shrugged her shoulders. "Well, I don't seem to be in any other mortal danger," she said to herself.
[22:43] * Libris casts a shifty glance at Katethegreat
[22:43] <grl> where are you sneaking?
[22:43] <Libris> coz I'm shifty
[22:43] <grl> oh thought you were sneaking out of here :p
[22:43] <Christofori> "Perhaps hanging with these perverts won't be as bad as that 'Skyscape' character..." she continued telling herself.
[22:43] <Libris> ;P
[22:44] <grl> lol!
[22:44] <Christofori> So, the three began travelling to the tribe's land at a rather quick pace.
[22:44] <network19> knickerbris is shifty ?
[22:44] <Katethegreat> don't lok at me, Nick!
[22:44] * grl hurries chris along
[22:44] <Christofori> Hunting Soul and Burning Man soon learned that the female's name was graal, and that she was a traveller.
[22:44] * Libris moves his eyebrows shiftily
[22:44] <grl> fgraal?
[22:45] <Christofori> (yes, sheesh :P)
[22:45] <grl> lol
[22:45] <grl> (yes, sheep)
[22:45] <Christofori> "graal?" Burning Man asked. "That strange name!"
[22:45] <Katethegreat> lol
[22:46] <Christofori> "Haha, well I guess it is," graal replied. "It's actually a long story. I used to be growl, but during all of my travels, I had to change my name because of an... erm... well, let's just say there was an unfortunate mishap which kinda tainted my old name. So I had to choose another name to avoid suspicion. Well, the new name kinda stuck with me, I guess!" graal said with a smirk.
[22:47] <grl> haha!
[22:47] <grl> sneaky!
[22:47] <Christofori> The three shared a chuckle as graal continued telling stories of her travels.
[22:47] <Christofori> You see, she had been 'travelling' around for quite some time.
[22:48] <Katethegreat> oh shit
[22:48] <Katethegreat> i ahve to go
[22:48] <Katethegreat> bye ppl
[22:48] <grl> bye katie
[22:48] <Goblin> bye bye
[22:48] <network19> byeeee...
[22:48] <grl> ooooh i got mail
[22:48] <Katethegreat> lol
[22:48] <Christofori> As far as graal could tell, she had been shifting through time, from one place to another. She couldn't control where or when she would show up. However, she had found that entering a certain combination on her remote control would cause her to shift to the next time, instead of her having to wait on the machine to send her on it's own timetable.
[22:48] <network19> jenn...
[22:48] <Katethegreat> bye Nick
[22:48] <grl> ooooh i got spam mail :p
[22:49] <grl> mark...
[22:49] * Katethegreat has quit IRC (Quit: Quit... using java client provided at )
[22:49] <network19> you got mail :P
[22:49] <grl> lol i got spam mail :(
[22:49] <grl> no love mails today
[22:49] * TMA sets mode: -v AcidDose
[22:49] <grl> oo i'm shifty too!
[22:50] <network19> me niether jenn... *sniff*...
[22:50] * grl sends mark a love mail
[22:50] <Christofori> graal wasn't really sure how long she'd been shifting through time. She had, at one time, been trying to count the days she'd been gone. However, since the times were seemingly random at the places she was sent to, she had quickly lost track of how long she'd been gone. She hadn't seen her mother since that one fateful night, right after the original mishap.
[22:50] <network19> ;)
[22:50] <grl> aw khryst0 :(
[22:50] <grl> but my mum!
[22:50] <grl> i HAVE to see her!
[22:51] <network19> lol...
[22:51] <Christofori> Well, anyway, graal and the natives were busy talking about this and that, when they heard the dreaded noise yet again.
[22:51] <Christofori> It was Skyscape Le Bris!
[22:51] * AcidDose has left #modarchive
[22:51] <Libris> <:D
[22:51] * Goblin sets off dramatic fire effects!
[22:51] <Christofori> lol
[22:51] <grl> lol
[22:51] <network19> he he...
[22:52] * network19 conducts loud orchestral incidental music...
[22:52] <Christofori> In the time it had taken them to travel however far they had gone, graal and the natives had somehow lost track of which way they were going, and had somehow started heading right towards Skyscape and his raiding party!
[22:52] * Goblin synchronizes the explosions and bursts of flame with the music
[22:52] <Christofori> "Oh, no!" Burning Man and Hunting Soul said in unison.
[22:52] <network19> you should make this into an rpg game...
[22:52] <Christofori> graal, however, finally got a chance to see this 'Skyscape' face to face.
[22:53] <Christofori> "Aww, he's not half bad. Hehe, he's kinda cute actually!"
[22:53] <Goblin> oh man, Alwaysgetsthegrlbris :(
[22:53] <grl> lol
[22:53] <Christofori> At that, Skyscape Le Bris cocked his head slightly. He was obviously pleased with graal as well, though he didn't exactly say anything. In fact, the look in his eyes was really starting to weird graal out.
[22:54] <grl> cocked 0_o
[22:54] <X-Acto> :)
[22:54] <Libris> they're contacts, I swear
[22:54] <Christofori> "Sheesh, I'm outta here!" graal exclaimed. "Listen, you two wanna come with me?" she asked of the natives.
[22:54] <grl> lol
[22:54] * Goblin plays sounds/grl/cock.wav
[22:54] <grl> LOL
[22:54] <Christofori> haha
[22:54] <X-Acto> haha
[22:54] <Goblin> download them at:
[22:54] <Libris> lol
[22:55] <Christofori> The natives didn't quite know what to make of graal's offer.
[22:55] <Goblin>
[22:55] <Christofori> "Um, you two are gonna have to make up your minds quickly! That 'Skyscape' fellow is really starting to freak me out!" graal exclaimed wildly.
[22:56] <Christofori> Hunting Soul looked at Burning Man, who (in turn) was looking right back at Hunting Soul.
[22:56] <Christofori> They both shrugged their shoulders, as if to say "Sure, why not?"
[22:56] <Christofori> They looked at Skyscape.
[22:56] <Christofori> They made a strange face, and then looked back to graal.
[22:57] <Christofori> "Yes, we go," said Hunting Soul emphatically.
[22:57] <Christofori> "Ah, good!" graal exclaimed. "I could really use some new companions," she continued, as she grasped her metallic object (remote control).
[22:57] <Christofori> She began to punch in the combination which would send her away to the next time realm.
[22:58] <network19> SLIDERS...
[22:58] <Libris> sliders :D
[22:58] * Libris likes sliders
[22:58] <Christofori> "Okay, you two," she said without looking up. (She had obviously had some practice entering the combination). "You, hold on to my arm; and you, hold on to his," she said, gesturing to each of the natives in turn.
[22:59] <network19> me too :)
[22:59] <Christofori> "Whatever you do, do NOT let go!" she cautioned them.
[22:59] <Christofori> The natives both nodded in understanding.
[22:59] <Christofori> graal entered the final set of the combination, and soon, the three of them were whisked away.
[22:59] <Christofori> *** fade out ***
[22:59] <Christofori> When they woke up, they were in graal's room!
[23:00] <Christofori> "OMG!" graal exclaimed excitedly. "It happened again!"
[23:00] <Goblin> in teh graal's room sweet!
[23:00] <Christofori> graal rushed over to her computer, almost knocking her lava lamps off of the nearby table in the process.
[23:00] <Christofori> "I hafta see when it is!" she exclaimed madly.
[23:01] <Christofori> graal began punching in some seemingly random characters on her computer, as it began to display some seemingly random information on the screen.
[23:01] <Christofori> Suddenly, graal's shoulders slumped.
[23:01] <Christofori> "DAMNIT!" she exclaimed. "I'm too late!!"
[23:01] * TMA sets mode: -v SCSIMan
[23:02] <Christofori> By this time, Burning Man and Hunting Soul were quite perplexed. They didn't quite understand anything they saw.
[23:02] <Christofori> Hunting Soul was busy trying to figure out what graal had been trying to do.
[23:02] <Christofori> Burning Man, however, had noticed the lava lamps, and was busy watching them do their thing.
[23:03] <Goblin> lavaaaa buuuurns!
[23:03] <network19> yaaa for lava lamps...
[23:03] * Val has joined #modarchive
[23:03] <Christofori> Meanwhile, graal saw the date on her screen: March 18, 2185.
[23:03] <Goblin> Her computer is still there after all that time?
[23:03] <Christofori> (Don't ask me how her computer and house were all still there..)
[23:03] <X-Acto> :)
[23:03] <Goblin> ok :P
[23:03] <Christofori> (Just take my word for it; they were virtually untouched.)
[23:03] <Christofori> graal sighed.
[23:04] <Goblin> must be one of those things, don't touch anything in teh grl's room
[23:04] <Christofori> Hunting Soul went over to console her, asking what was wrong.
[23:04] <Christofori> "Oh, nothing really... Well, yeah, actually, I'm kinda sad. I've not seen my mother for a really long time, and I really miss her!" graal said.
[23:05] <Christofori> She began to fill Hunting Soul in on the whole time travel story, and all about how Toffee_ and MyztiQue had gotten word to her that her disappearance had caused massive changes in the time-space continuum.
[23:06] <grl> lol
[23:06] <Christofori> However, Hunting Soul didn't really understand everything about the story; he didn't quite grasp the details, as he and Burning Man were native american indians from roundabout the time of the spanish invasions into southern america.
[23:07] <Goblin> native american but also indian? interesting.
[23:07] <Christofori> "So you see," she continued, "I have to get back and fix whatever went wrong. The whole internet is frozen; everyone is stuck at their computers. It's like time just stopped not long after I left!"
[23:07] <Christofori> um.. yeah
[23:07] <Goblin> ok :)
[23:07] <Christofori> being PC isn't one of my specialties :P
[23:08] <Christofori> trying to convey the point that they're 'indians' as Christopher Columbus 'discovered'
[23:08] <Goblin> understood :)
[23:08] <Libris> christofori comumbineux
[23:08] <Christofori> Anyway, Hunting Soul finally began to grasp some of what graal was talking about.
[23:08] <grl> rofl Goblin i just listened to those wavs :p
[23:09] <X-Acto> :)
[23:09] <Goblin> hehe grl :P
[23:09] <Goblin> can't make you say things that are THAT dirty... yet.
[23:09] <grl> lol
[23:10] <Christofori> "So you mean that box sends you back and forth through time, and you have to get back to when you left to fix everything?" Hunting Soul asked (somehow, whether it be him having heard graal's story, or him being in the future, he could now speak properly).
[23:10] <grl> shoulda got me saying "out and about"
[23:10] <grl> or "no doubt"
[23:10] <Goblin> I have that, I didn't bother to save it though
[23:10] <Christofori> "Well, kinda," graal nodded.
[23:10] <grl> haha 3 shutup wavs :p
[23:11] <grl> sorry khryst0 :p
[23:11] <Goblin> :)
[23:11] <Christofori> yeah yeah :/
[23:11] <grl> lol
[23:11] <grl> i'm gunna have to go
[23:11] <Christofori> "I think I understand now, too," said Burning Man.
[23:11] <Christofori> graal, I PROMISE this chapter's almost done
[23:11] <grl> it's 10 after midnight :/
[23:11] <Christofori> I gno
[23:11] <Christofori> plz hold on a bit longer
[23:11] <grl> 5 mins.
[23:11] <Libris> plz
[23:12] * Libris plz's grl
[23:12] <Goblin> haha
[23:12] * grl rojahs
[23:12] * SCSIMan is now known as SCSIMan-sleepingsoundly
[23:12] * Libris rogerrrrs
[23:12] <grl> "i'll spin ya" rofl
[23:12] <Libris> :P
[23:12] <Libris> lol
[23:12] <Christofori> "Well, good; though I'm still not sure how I'll ever get back to my own time," graal said. "Toffee_ and MyztiQue are gone, and they were the ones trying to get me back. Hell, they're prolly both dead by now..." graal trailed off
[23:12] <Christofori> .
[23:12] <TMA> * TMA@EFnet sets mode: -b *!*
[23:13] <Christofori> "You must continue to try," Hunting Soul urged graal. "It is the only way now. You must return to your time."
[23:14] <Christofori> "But what abaut you two?" graal asked. "I took you both from your own time, too.. along with all the other people I used to travel with."
[23:14] <Christofori> "You mean we're not the first?" Burning Man asked.
[23:14] <grl> heheh
[23:14] <Christofori> "Haha, don't be so vain, honey," graal joked.
[23:15] <Christofori> "Actually I'm not sure what to do. If I keep going, who's to say I'll ever get home again?" graal said, obviously frustrated.
[23:16] <Christofori> "We will help you in any way we can," said Hunting Soul. "We may not be much, but if we stick together, we will prevail!"
[23:16] <Christofori> "Aww, how sweet!" graal said. "You too, Burning Man?"
[23:16] <Christofori> Burning Man shrugged. "Why not? I'm already here, might as well..." he trailed off, staring yet again at those perplexing lava lamps.
[23:17] <Goblin> such an honest guy, that Burning Man
[23:17] <Christofori> "Well, it's settled then!" graal exclaimed. "Tomorrow morning, after I fix you two the best breakfast you've ever had, we'll be off to god-knows-when!"
[23:17] <Christofori> "Yes, and we shall hope that it will be your own time!" Hunting Soul consoled.
[23:17] <Libris> FEMINISM
[23:17] * Goblin wonders about the sleeping arrangements....
[23:18] <Christofori> And with that, dear friends, we leave our intrepid heroine and her two new travelling companions, as they settle down for a long and restful night.
[23:18] <Christofori> - THE END -
[23:18] <Christofori> lol Goblin
[23:18] * Christofori says "phew!"
[23:18] <Libris> full of sweat and passion
[23:18] <Christofori> my fingers actually hurt :(
[23:19] <grl> the end?
[23:19] <Christofori> yes
[23:19] <Christofori> the end of chp II
[23:19] * network19 claps...
[23:19] <Christofori> You will have to wait till next time to see if graal makes it home again
[23:19] <Goblin> Burning Man better become a burning goblin somehow :P
[23:19] <grl> :pp
[23:19] <Christofori> (I told you there'd be at least three chps :P)
[23:19] <Libris> I diedn't even get to shag anyone :P
[23:19] <Christofori> lol careenbris
[23:19] <Christofori> I know, your character was a little off-beat.. you shoulda been here on time :P
[23:19] <Goblin> haha
[23:19] <Libris> I gn0, sorry :(
[23:20] <Christofori> it's kewl
[23:20] <Christofori> perhaps you will resurface yet again
[23:20] <Christofori> besides, you starred all over the place in Enchanted Forrest.. graal only had small parts.. so it's kinda reversed in this series, for now anyway
[23:20] <Libris> argh sneezing attack!
[23:20] <grl> lol
[23:20] * grl gives nick a tissue

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