This is the story as it appeared in the #modarchive IRC channel.  Enjoy!
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* SLAM[CD-CoS] Presents...
<AcidDose> inferno_45: your computer's name is COMPUTER, original man!
<AcidDose> =)
<^DragonblooD^> moo
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> *eerie echo.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> 3
<inferno_45> My computers name is FPOS
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> The Great Race
<inferno_45> That stands for Fucking peice of shit
<Christofori> Oh.. this oughtta be good.
<AcidDose> inferno_45: no i'm pretty sure it's "COMPUTER"..
<^DragonblooD^> SLAM is at #yourass lol!
<AcidDose> =)
<inferno_45> naaaa....
* Christofori laughs at Slam
* AcidDose slams Christofori's ass

<AcidDose> hahaha
<Christofori> Dose: Quit that..
* AcidDose does too
<inferno_45> !O_o!
<inferno_45> <===runs
* SLAM[CD-CoS] strokes his wise beard, thinking up his story.
<^DragonblooD^> rof
<Christofori> Slam: Is growl sleeping in #yourass too?
<^DragonblooD^> Running out fast
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Yes, she is.
<inferno_45> why do old farts *strok* their beard
<Christofori> lol
<^DragonblooD^> lol
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
<^DragonblooD^> Let's all join #yourass!
<Christofori> lol
<inferno_45> rofl
* AcidDose joins #fuckhard
<AcidDose> opppps!
<^DragonblooD^> lol
<inferno_45> finish that reveiw, christo
* AcidDose giggles
<inferno_45> and stop taking it up the arse
<Christofori> Dose.. you are a bastard
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Once upon a time, not long after the crisis of the MIDI Snatchers, SLAM had some problems. Because of DALNet's Exploits department, the evil hosts of the #MA space station, SLAM was kicked out. However, with the help of his friend Nitro from Deepspace, he managed to return to SPACESTATION #MA! *eerie echo. two weeks later with an idea.
<AcidDose> =)
<inferno_45> cool
<inferno_45> i (cough) think it is very nice.
<Christofori> inf: good idea :)
<^DragonblooD^> Why did ya leave your ass Christo?
<Christofori> bbiab
<Christofori> lol Dragon
<^DragonblooD^> It's a bit warm in your ass
<inferno_45> hot, actually
* AcidDose causes a disturbance.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> He walked up to the dinner hall, and looked in. James-Bond was missing, inferno_45 was making senseless sexual references to the general public from the stage, the ops were working up in ops, AcidDose was sitting at a table scribbling on a pad of paper, pretending he was hacking, and Christofori was tearing his hair out, listening to a song for the 4598th time, trying desperately to write a review for it.
<inferno_45> lol
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> For no reason, AcidDose decided to cause a disturbance.
<^DragonblooD^> lol
<inferno_45> rofl
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> He walked smoothly over to the ph00d machine and knocked it over, spilling it's life-giving contents to the floor.
<inferno_45> really, i was
<AcidDose> he then picked up a b4nn4n4 and put it in his fly
<inferno_45> can you incorporate the word "pewp" in your story?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> SLAM entered at this convenient moment, having landed his ship on the Windows platform and bidding Nitro farewell. He walked calmly to the ruined machine, and picked up a pack of SIMM chips from the ground.
<AcidDose> Christofori was listening carefully to his song
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> SLAM then smacked AcidDose upside the head before seating himself at a table.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Inferno watched this, and commented, "pewp!"
<AcidDose> and so, he didnt notice AcidDose as he walked towards him and forced the b4nn4n4 directly into his mouth!
<inferno_45> use pewp
* AcidDose loves jews
<inferno_45> You love me?
<AcidDose> inferno_45: are you jewish?!
<inferno_45> thanks man
<AcidDose> yay!
<AcidDose> hahaha
<inferno_45> yes! I am a homosexual jew!
<AcidDose> coool!
<inferno_45> PEWP
<AcidDose> bardcat will love you too
<inferno_45> I know, the coolness of it all
<AcidDose> maybe he'll love you alittle too much
<inferno_45> I need to meet this bardcat guy
<inferno_45> I wanna make love to him.
<AcidDose> <BardCat> No.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> SLAM chowed down on his RAM chips as Christofori started his song again for the 4599th time, as AcidDose laughed evilly over an odd line he had just scribbled.
<^DragonblooD^> He thinks he looks l33t
<AcidDose> <BardCat> Yes.
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<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Oh dear.
* AcidDose rapes modstats
<AcidDose> come back honey!
<AcidDose> i want to love you right!
<inferno_45> <==disguises self
<inferno_45> I"M RIGHT HERE!
<^DragonblooD^> No you're not
* AcidDose mistakenly rapes inferno_45
<^DragonblooD^> I'm right there
* AcidDose mistakenly rapes ^DragonblooD^
<inferno_45> <==groans
* AcidDose mistakenly rapes himself
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> For no reason, a support beam labeled fell, followed by one marked It crushed Schabuda, sitting at the bar, Blaze0, sleeping on a table, Toffe, also sleeping, and knocked poor little ModStats senseless.
* ^DragonblooD^ mistakenly puts a tomato into AcidDose his ass
<inferno_45> <==mistakely farts really loud in acidDoses face
<AcidDose> ack!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Just then, DragonblooD walked into the dinner hall carrying a tomato, and noticed the commotion.
* AcidDose slirps all it up
<inferno_45> Ahhh...releif
<inferno_45> hmmm
<^DragonblooD^> Make that tomato a wiggling tomato
<AcidDose> inferno_45: alittle too disturbing for you?
<AcidDose> ;)
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> SLAM, distracted for a moment, finished his chips, and then walked to the bar.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> SLAM decided to leap onto the bar to make his announcement. Getting a running start, he made a mighty jump directly onto the polished top.
<inferno_45> NO, i love this place. i want more up the arse.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> However, Christofori had just finished waxing and polishing it, and SLAM's feet went out from under him, and he crashed into the glasses behind the bar.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> SLAM slowly climbed out of the mess mumbling at Christofori, who was standing by calmly, polishing a glass.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> SLAM reolutely climbed atop the bar...carefully...and made his announcement, his feet still slipping slightly.
<inferno_45> and then my corpse from when you killed me appeared
<^DragonblooD^> lol
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> "I've had an idea I think you'll all like," SLAM began, "And it doesn't involve inferno's corpse reappearing. I propose that we hold a race for all of our ships."
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> The whole crowd, except those sleeping, looked at SLAM, remember his 486-powered ship, and burst into laughter at once.
<AcidDose> is bardcat's ship shaped like a 17 inches dildo?
<inferno_45> 18
<AcidDose> oh.
*** MfM has left #modarchive
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> "Did I say I was racing? Did I?" SLAM demanded, almost losing his balance again.
<Christofori> haha
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Dose: No, it's shaped likea cat.
<inferno_45> and the turbins...oh...the turbins...
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> YOu enter through the...aft hatch.
<AcidDose> oh i see
<inferno_45> koochie cat, or meow cat?
<AcidDose> a cat with a huge.............
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Yes.
<AcidDose> oh.
<^DragonblooD^> Mine is shaped like a dragon with a Velocity Engine
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Okay :-).
<Christofori> lol.. this one ought to end up good
<drq> MfM queried me with this message: <MfM> reviewer form is waiting for you
<Christofori> I'm gonna run to the store. bbiab
<drq> what the heck does he mean?
* Christofori is Away!
*** Christofori is now known as Christo_AW
<AcidDose> drq: i think he wants a review, what a twit.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Christofori loved the idea, and went away right away to ready his ship.
<drq> hahahaha
* AcidDose trips Christo_AW on his way out
<drq> i'm not a reviewer
<AcidDose> i am
<AcidDose> hehehe
<inferno_45> shouldn't it be the other way around?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> AcidDose tripped him on his way out, however, forcing him to listen to the rest of SLAM's plan.
*** drq has quit IRC (Quit: á)
<AcidDose> inferno_45: No.
<^DragonblooD^> And then Drq suddenly had enough and left
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> "Now, there are four locaiton bouys around the station, those are what we race around. I've set up a starting line, and the race will start in one hour. Get your ships ready!"
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Everyone, including those sleeping, jumped up immediately, and ran, stampeding poor Christofori just as he was trying to get up.
<inferno_45> AcidDose: Yes
*** ^DragonblooD^ has quit IRC (Quit: Wiggle like a tomato!)
<Christo_AW> bastard..
<Christo_AW> :P
<AcidDose> inferno_45: oh baby!
<inferno_45> What do you want, sweetie?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Most everyone was planning to race, including the ops, and so everyone was out on the platform, readying their ships.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Poor BardCat sat alone on the OS/2 platform, petting his ship softly on the head, and preparing to tweak it with a tube of lubricant.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> (Chritofori, what's the name of your ship again?)
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*** blaze0 has joined #modarchive

<^DragonblooD^> Hi blaze0
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Hi :-).
<blaze0> again
<^DragonblooD^> I'm back
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> (Christofori, what's the name of your ship again?)
<^DragonblooD^> Okay what did I miss
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Not much.
<^DragonblooD^> Nice
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Christofori got stampede when everyone went to their ships.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> *stampeded
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> AcidDose tripped him.
<inferno_45> and I made more stupid sexual refernces.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Oh, right, I'll figure that in too.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Okay, moving on...
<^DragonblooD^> The name of my ship is Your Ass
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> That's a channel :-).
<inferno_45> stinky?
<^DragonblooD^> Yep
<^DragonblooD^> Also a fast ship
<Christo_AW> Uh.. Modula Five
* Christo_AW is gone for real now :P
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> DragonblooD was readying his ship, the S.S. Stinky, tying up some sensitive tubing with a roll of toilet paper he found.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Christofori got stampede when everyone went to their ships.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> (Christofori, what's the name of your ship again?)
<^DragonblooD^> And I just installed new drivers
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Okay :-).
<inferno_45> screw them , on with the story!
<^DragonblooD^> The name of Christo's ship is growl
<^DragonblooD^> :{
<^DragonblooD^> :P
<Christo_AW> Uh.. no, I'm not gone for real.. I SAID IT WAS "MODULA FIVE" and Slam: be sure to log this and send it when you're done
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> DragonblooD was about to install a new driver, but realized, "Wait a minute...I'm the pilot, what do I need with a driver?" He threw unfortuanate driver down the garbage chute, and continued wrapping tubing up like a mummy.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> I will :-).
<^DragonblooD^> lol
<inferno_45> modula five was the name of one of the synthpop entries....
<Christo_AW> that was Modula One.. and I wrote it :P
<inferno_45> WHOA. really? 
<inferno_45> i found that tune sexually attractive
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Christofori was at his ship, throwing unnecessary things out to lighten it, and make it faster on the turns and accleeration. The first thing to go was his bed, which he hated because it made him sleep. And besides, it was starting to stink...
<Christo_AW> inf: lol.. shit!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> The Modula Five was soon a mean racing machine, powered by a biug ol' engine.
<inferno_45> don't write another song like that or I might...hehe.....heh.hoooo
<Christo_AW> inf: too late.. there's a modula Two :P
<inferno_45> UNG!!!!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> grl didn't have much time to get her S.S. 32MB ready. Between helping others out with mechanical roblems, and her dogs having cows, she didn't have much time. Fortuantely, her ships was always in perfect shape, so she didn't need to do much.
<inferno_45> All I can write is darkhop. I exorimente with metal, but that was really a no-go
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> SLAM, it turns out, wasn't racing his 486, nor his 550, and not even his 1 giggy, but a fighter-like craft from Tribes 2. The S.S. 
Shrike was almost ready to go as he replaced its laser cannons with MOD blasters.
* LR^Gammis is now g0ne -(AutoAway after 30min idle) - (A) -
*** LR^Gammis is now known as LR^Gammis^away
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<inferno_45> i am watching my cat scoot.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> inferno_45 Had been working hard on his ship, whose name we shall not mention here. He had spent the entire half hour plastering new obscentities and senseless sexual references on its nose.
<^DragonblooD^> lol
<inferno_45> rofl
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Gammis almost had his ship ready, when suddenly, for no reason, he fell asleep! It was too bad, because his ship looked like the fastest there. Looks are deceiving of course, but sometimes, beyond the shadow of a doubt...well, we won't talk about that now.
<inferno_45> mines called.....umm.....t3h coolness
<^DragonblooD^> roflololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololoololololololololoolololol
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Stary, of course, had a speedy little fighter, which quite possibly had saved SPACESTATION #MA! *eerie echo. once before.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Gargoyle0 had decided not to participate in the race, but instead stay in his massive S.S. Notre Dame and observe the race...all the while tracking the racers with heavy cannons, should foul play enter into any of thei minds.
<inferno_45> ummmm....I dunno if I wanna participate then
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Schabuda had fixed up ModStats, and was using him to help ready the S.S. Schabudadada. Since Schabuda was an op, he expected to have an advantage over the others. He placed a console for his powers into his ship, so that he could "mute" his oponnenets' engines on cue.
<AcidDose> dawh!
<AcidDose> too muh texx0rz
<inferno_45> my cat is still scooting. he must have worms.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> AcidDose was still working on the S.S. AcidTrkr, which, after weeks of work, had still only reached the Beta .5 stage. Scribbling feverishly, he wrote as much functionality as he could. "Well, it should be okay," he decided finally, "unless I hit the 24-bit asteroid field at the wrong angle.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> "
<^DragonblooD^> lol
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<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Brainwash was still working desperately at his ship, the stress making his Scottish accent even worse. He hammered futily at his 
ship's Etherdrive, lamenting "Ay, me, the blasted Etherdrive again! I don't know crap about networking, someone help me!"
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> grl walked over, and gave his Etherdrive a good beating with her Three-Foot-Wrench, then went back to work.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Latebris finally brought his ship careening into SPACESTATION #MA! *eerie echo.'s Etherspace, and executed a violent one-point landing on the Windows platform. Remembering what happened last time he had tapped the engine casing repeatedly, he cautiously went back to work in other areas, being especially careful not to tap anything.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Finally, the time was up, and everyone hopped in their ships, took a short test flight, and gathered at the starting line.
*** Christo_AW is now known as Christofori
<Christofori> I am back.
<Christofori> I will win.
<^DragonblooD^> No you wont
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> The race was going to be a long and gruelling one, with the course of the race taking them through a gravitational distortion, a 
portion of fluid space, an asteroid field, with several ominous looking 24-bit asteroids floating about, THROUGH the core of a comet, and finally out for a final stretch to the finish line.,
<Christofori> Damn slam and his stupid race route.. I will take a SHORTCUT!! hehehe
<AcidDose> what in the fuck language do you put "liao" after each line? chinese?.....
<Christofori> I dunno.. liao
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Gargoyle, enjoying his view as well as his position, started up a special display on the bottom of the S.S. Notre Dame, and signalled first red, then yellow, then green lights, and screamed "GO!!!" so loud that everyone had to wince before starting off.
<AcidDose> hahaha
<AcidDose> [01:43] <jjt> then u tum fan her lah
<AcidDose> [01:44] <[w0nG|ai]> she is goin to kill me liao 
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> All the ships shot off at the same pace, staying neck and neck for a while.
<AcidDose> man i'm getting tired
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> inferno_45 took this opportunity to turn on XM Radio, his favorite station, and boost his thrusters for the first obstacle segment.
<inferno_45> 2its 3:56 over here, and imma about to crash
<Christofori> inf: Your clock is still fast.
<inferno_45> 1hehe
<AcidDose> its only :47, not :56, damn man.
<inferno_45> and then I switched the radio to snoop dogg. that got me really P.O.'ed so i went faster and won
<AcidDose> hahahaha
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Infrno pulled ahead slightly. SLAM gunned his boosters as well, using the last of his replenishing energy to gain on inferno. 
AcidDose tried to do the same, but discovered a slight bug. Scribbling a correction onto his craft's hatch, he boosted ahead as well.
<Christofori> lol
<Christofori> Dose.. always coding on the go
<^DragonblooD^> lol
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Those three were slightly ahead until they hit the graavitational distortion. In this area, it was impossible to tell which way shipps would be pulled or pushed, or if they'd be sped up or slowed down.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> :-)
<AcidDose> cout << "christo is ghey" << endl;
<Christofori> lol
<AcidDose> puts("christo is ghey");
<inferno_45> my clock is not fat, btw
<Christofori> yes it iz
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Christofori in the Modula Five was the first to be slowed by the field, to which AcidDose leaned out and yelled "Christofori is ghey!"
<Christofori> Dose: give him the link
<inferno_45> dude, don't peeve me.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> It was poetic justice as cidDose's craft was the second to slow.
<inferno_45> i will have to break out more senseless sexual references.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> SLAM's Shrike got thrown harshly to the left, as inferno shot past, blurting senseless sexual references,
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> .
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> "That guy shold write romance novels," grl said, as a gravity wave boosted her into first place.
<inferno_45> i do write them
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> SO do I, but I won't speak of that here.
<inferno_45> nothings published yet. they say its too bulgar. whatever the fuck that fucking means. fuck.
<AcidDose> lol
<^DragonblooD^> <-- My have OS
<Christofori> inf: They didn't say bulgar.. they said vulgar
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Outofcontrolbris was unlickily buffeted by several concussive gravity waves, and was thrown to the right. Stary was in his way, and was the subject of a sharp collission and a mild case of whiplash.
<Christofori> :P
<inferno_45> yes, I was too lazy/tired to correct my mistake
<Christofori> lol
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Extremely irritated, Stary made silentbris the first victim of muting.
<inferno_45> i've been up since 7:00am and im starting to hear voices.
<Christofori> ..what are they saying?
<inferno_45> ...go to bed you stupid fuck...
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Momentumbris had to simply drift at the same rate to the end of the gravitational distortion. He lost some speed, but otherwise managed to keep up.
<Christofori> lol
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Gargoyle0 wasn't pleased with Stary's abuse of his powers, so he promptly unmuted roaringenginebris, and slapped Stary around a bit with a large trout to learn him.
<Christofori> lol.. Garg disciplining Stary.. lol
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Careening into the last gravity wave, shocking nearly all of the speed from his ship, Stary DID learn his lesson.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> :-)
<blaze0> SLAM[CD-CoS]: write a book!
<blaze0> d:Ů
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Christofori managed to ride the last wave as it reverseed, and regained his speed and position.
<Christofori> Yay!
<inferno_45> no one would have a clue what he was refering to...
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> So, there was grl in first, inferno in second, and Christofori in third.
*** TOffe[zZz] is now known as TOffe_
<inferno_45> HA!
<inferno_45> me turns snoop up louder
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Inferno, who christofori didn't like much was blasted backward as Christofori came in from above, and dropped down in front of him, washing him with his engines, and blasting him nose over tail to the gravity distortion field.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> He didn't hear Christofori coming until it was too late because he had Snoop Dawg turned up waaay too loud.
*** Tripl has joined #modarchive
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Pulling alongside grl with an extra boost, Christofori asked, "grl, why do you hate me?"
<^DragonblooD^> Hi Tripl
<Tripl> hey
<Christofori> lol
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> "I don't!" grl yelled through clenched teeth, very intent on the race, "Now get out of my way!"
<inferno_45> will one of you go to bed so I can go?
<Christofori> Dragon: You can automate that with a on 1:JOIN:#:/msg $chan Welcome $nick!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> BardCat, having temporarily overclocked his cat, pulled up to grl's right and said, "Hey, that's my line anyway! So grl, tell me about the time..."
<Tripl> go to bed?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> "NO!" grl shouted at him, and threw more juice to her engines.
<Tripl> now?
<inferno_45> yes.
<inferno_45> no
<inferno_45> juices......engines.....juci
<Tripl> it's just 11 am..
<inferno_45> its 4:00 here
<Tripl> where are u?
<inferno_45> are you in fucking japan
<inferno_45> im in texas
<Tripl> i'm in norway... hehe
<inferno_45> coolness
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> AcidDose, finally emerging from the Gravity distortion with Stary and Schabuda, decided he'd try to get by with a little foul play.
<inferno_45> i wish it was 11am
<Tripl> hehe.. just 7 hours..
<inferno_45> so? I wouldn't be so goddamn tired
<Tripl> true true
<inferno_45> and I'd have strength
<inferno_45> MASTRUBATE!
<Tripl> lol
<inferno_45> thats my 100th sexual refernce
<inferno_45> thank me
<AcidDose> dont hurrass the newbies
<Tripl> hehe
<AcidDose> thats my job
* Christofori hands inferno_45 a trophy
<AcidDose> you git
<inferno_45> shutup you frad
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Scribbling madly on a pad, he hacked Schabuda's ship, and succeeded in taking the last "dada" off the ship's name. Suddenly, having no differentiation from its owner, the ship morphed and became one with Schabuda. Schabuda temporarily lost control, not understanding the sudden flood of information and commands.
* AcidDose puts a snorkle in inferno_45's magic pillow
<inferno_45> *sniffs* "COCAINE?!"
<Tripl> does anyone here know [sepe]?
<inferno_45> newbie? that
<AcidDose> [01:49] <jjt> both of u sa far cheong onli <----look chineglish
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Stary thought about trying to mute AcidDose who was gaining a slight lead over hi, but decided against it. Instead, he just stayed in front of AcidDose as much as possible, the engine wash confusing several channels of the AcidTrkr.
<AcidDose> Tripl: no, i've seen him though
<Tripl> okay
<AcidDose> man i should go to sleep
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Meanwhile, Christofori and BardCat were fighting over grl more than they were fighting for first place, and grl, annoyed, slipped ahead easily.
<Christofori> Dah!
<Tripl> anyone here not from USA?
<inferno_45> me
<blaze0> me
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> SLAM and seriousbris were next in line, and battled for fourth place. They kept trying to get behind each other temporarily for a shot with their high-powered MOD blasters.
<inferno_45> my split personality is in England ATM
<Tripl> hehe
<Tripl> coolness;)
<inferno_45> yeah
<AcidDose> i'm from canada
<inferno_45> hey, im supposed to say "coolness"
<AcidDose> most are from sweden
*** blaze0 has quit IRC (Quit: shower)
<inferno_45> canada is t3h awsome shit
<^DragonblooD^> Uh oh
<Tripl> i know [sepe] is from sweden..
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Luckybris managed to do this, and pounded SLAM's behind with a tune. However, he picked the wrong ammo, and while it knocked SLAM engines out for a few seonds, the oomph boosted him forward a bit.
<Tripl> anyone here who knows mangoo?
<AcidDose> SLAM[CD-CoS]: emmotional oomph?
<inferno_45> the cow says: moo
<AcidDose> Tripl: never even see mangoo here before
<^DragonblooD^> And then DragonblooD raced with Your Ass (with a VELOCITY ENGINE) to the finish line and won
<Tripl> heard of him..?
<AcidDose> the cow says: deeper daddy! deeper!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> As soon as he had regained control, SLAM braked hard, and poped up behind Stary's engine. Selecting a tune with a good tapping beat, he shot it onto unbeknownstbris's enginge casing, and left it there to do its work, then attempted to boost ahead when revengebris braked hard as well.
<inferno_45> but wait, inferno_45 used his time-reverser/stopper and won.
<AcidDose> Tripl: nope
<Tripl> oki
<inferno_45> and you say I use too amny sexual refernences...
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> DragonblooD, having gained on nowslowbris, blasted past the nearly-stopped ship, and onto SLAM's tail.
<inferno_45> ok, i must be in the next paragraph.
<^DragonblooD^> I just have to win
<Christofori> lol
<inferno_45> im just to 1337 
<^DragonblooD^> You wish
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Meanwhile, up front, BardCat had managed to gain second place over Christofori, and tried to gloat about it, by positioning the aft hatch directly at the Modula Five's nose, and braking repeatedly, laughing manically all the while.
<^DragonblooD^> You're not l33t coz you use Windoze
<Christofori> Damn that stupid cat!
<^DragonblooD^> I'm l33t coz I use a Mac
<inferno_45> I use microshit winblows 69, grasshole.
<^DragonblooD^> And I know Unix
<inferno_45> i konw how to play old games like doom. 
<Christofori> I know Unix too.. He's a nice guy.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Christofori soon tired of this tirade, and rammed his engines to full. He heard a loud "OW!" as BardCat felt the impact.
<^DragonblooD^> Brasshole
<^DragonblooD^> Christo: I agree
<Christofori> lol.. I just shafted MeowMiX
<^DragonblooD^> But too bad Unix only understands text
<Christofori> :P
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> SLAM was running like a scared squirrel from armedbris and his MOD blasters, and from DragonblooD, who threatened to pass him and use him as a shield.
<inferno_45> whatever happened to my corpse.
<^DragonblooD^> But luckily you can buy a friend for Unix called X Window wich adds a graphical user interface!
<Christofori> lol
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Fortuanately, DragonblooD slipped into place at just the right moment as targetlockedbris fired off several rounds of Aryx.
*** _33[A] has joined #modarchive
<^DragonblooD^> Hi _33
<_33[A]> hey
<inferno_45> Hi_33
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> DragonblooD took the reverberating tune in the stabilizers and flew off course slightly before regaining control.\
<^DragonblooD^> SLAM is telling a story
<inferno_45> We're goo, fine people 
<_33[A]> 2 guys stole a donut truck:
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Hey, 33 :-).
<_33[A]> Hi SLAM, Inferno
<inferno_45> cops, more than likely
<_33[A]> DragonblooD
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> All of a sudden, grl's ship had a cow, and she was forced to slow for a bit, allowing Christofori and BardCat and the rest to catch up.
<Tripl> will I get thrown out if I tell you the URL to my website?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Finally, the cow was out, and flattened onto BardCat's windshield, confusing him, and sending his ship veering about.
<^DragonblooD^> Yep
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> No.
<Christofori> lol @ the donut news story
*** Mikke has quit IRC (
<AcidDose> hahaha
<AcidDose> lame
<^DragonblooD^> SLAM: GRRR!
<Tripl> yep or no?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Christofori ducked out of the way just in time, and was soon neck and neck with grl once again.
<^DragonblooD^> yep
<Tripl> okai
<Christofori> no
<^DragonblooD^> yep yep >:P
<Tripl> thnx
<inferno_45> and christo like that...
<Christofori> Dragon's just jealous cause he uses Mac.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> "Really, why do you hate me?" Christofori insisted pleadingly at grl. She replied "I don't hate you YET, now get back to second place where you belong!"
<inferno_45> :)
<^DragonblooD^> Why should I be jealous?
<inferno_45> because macs are gay
<Christofori> I don't know.. you just are.
*** Mikke has joined #modarchive
*** sets mode: +v Mikke

<inferno_45> GAY, GAY, GAY
<^DragonblooD^> Uh oh
<inferno_45> GAY, FAGGOTIZED EVIL MACHINES. <==mac
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> tunnelvisionbris was so intent on shooting SLAM out of his way, that he didn't notice inferno_45 gaining on him. Inferno shouted out several obscenities, which distracted unfocusedbris, and threw him off course.
<Tripl> inferno_45: u seem to like the word GAY.. :D
<^DragonblooD^> If the Mac wasnt invented then there wasn't Windows
<Christofori> lol
<AcidDose> hahaha
<^DragonblooD^> Yes he does
* AcidDose has his way with inferno_45
*** TOffe_ is now known as TOffe[tracking]
<inferno_45> AcidDose is comign on to me. Can't you folks tell? He wants me soooo bad.
* ^DragonblooD^ is proud that he uses a Mac
<^DragonblooD^> :P
<^DragonblooD^> Inferno = gay and jewish
<inferno_45> Yea! 
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> DragonblooD had regained his position in the race, just in time to come up behind inferno again, who hadn't taken the hint and turned his stereo down.
<^DragonblooD^> So why don't you have a Mac!
<inferno_45> your all invited to my barmitzvah.
<^DragonblooD^> Yay!
<Tripl> anyone here with impulse tracker?
<^DragonblooD^> No
<inferno_45> NO
<^DragonblooD^> NOOOOOOOO
<Tripl> hehe
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> grl was still arguing withChristofori, who just wouldn't take second place in her life, and was almost taken off guard by the asteroid field. She slowed for a moment, and Christofori blasted ahead, knowing allt he while exactly what he was doing.
<inferno_45> IT is awful....
<Tripl> i cant understand a shit of IT..
<inferno_45> I use Madtracker and Modplug
<^DragonblooD^> Buy a Mac and buy PlayerPRO
<Tripl> but [sepe] has made some cool tunes with IT..
<_33[A]> must be dumb not to understand IT
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> BardCat managed to shake the cow off his windshield just in time to see a backyard-sized asteroid hurtling at him. His ship juked out of the way with a screeching sound.
<inferno_45> seriously, macs aren't bad.
<^DragonblooD^> No!
<Tripl> i have logic audio platinum 4.7
<^DragonblooD^> For Mac?
<Tripl> no
<Tripl> windows..
<^DragonblooD^> Macs are very good for audio thingies
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> SLAM and DragonblooD were neck and neck, and took the asteroid field full speed, almost catching up with the leaders.
<_33[A]> Tripl, you could have all the software U want but CAN U USE IT?
<Tripl> i know
<Tripl> also for editing videos..
<Christofori> Macs are good for the a/v pros
<inferno_45> pornos....101th sexual refernce.
<^DragonblooD^> And I'm an audio pro ;)
<Christofori> lol
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Unluckybris, however, didn't have quite the same lead as they did, and it took him a while longer to get to the outskirts of the field.
<inferno_45> omfg, it's almost 4:30
<Tripl> 11.20am here.. haha
<inferno_45> basrad
<^DragonblooD^> Here too!
<_33[A]> Tripl, where do you live?
<Tripl> oslo, norway
<inferno_45> christo: where do you live?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Inferno sped towards the asteroid field. He had finally decided to set all his high-powered speakers against his engine housing to increase his boost, and thus he was able to speedily make it to the asteroid belt along with disadvantagedbris.
<Christofori> Oklahoma
<Tripl> er det noen som kan forstň dette?
<^DragonblooD^> Shut up
<inferno_45> I konw a song abour ok
<^DragonblooD^> Plz talk English >:(
<Tripl> okay
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> grl took the asteroid field carefully, and barely maintained second as Christofori flew circles around each asteroid in fron tof her.
<inferno_45> i speak finnish!
<Tripl> dragonblood.. where u from?
<inferno_45> and if you push this button, I speak spanish
<^DragonblooD^> The Netherlands
<Tripl> okay
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> BardCat kept his pace as well, barely missing rocks left, right, up, and down, all the while ignoring the catarwauling of his ship.
<inferno_45> christo: finished with that reveiw?
<Christofori> inf: yeah.. a while ago
<inferno_45> coolness.
<Christofori> It's on the recent reviews page
<^DragonblooD^> hotness
<Tripl> dragonblood: I speak german.. hehe.. I dont think u understand it very well..
<inferno_45> not latest reveiw
<^DragonblooD^> I understand German I little
<^DragonblooD^> it even
<Tripl> okay
<Christofori> no, someone else reviewed a song right after I'd finished
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> AcidDose, having improved his engines' efficiency, had managed to leave those behind him in the dust, and made it to the asteroid field. Loading his pair of MOD Blasters with some of Awesome's MODs, he didn't spend much time dodgin rocks, but rather blated them out of his way. He was doing very well, and had almost gained on Christofori, until his greatest fear was realized.
<inferno_45> how many times did you listen to that basrad?
<Christofori> inf: probably 20+
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> A 24-bit asteroid loomed in front of him. It was too late to maneauver out of the way. Desperately, AcidDose poounded away at it with his MOD blasters, but the AcidTrkr's weapons were powerless against the 24-bit object.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> The last thing AcidDose did before AcidTrkr ccrashed was review his code, desperately trying to find out where the bug about 24-bit displays was.
<AcidDose> its not a bug
<Christofori> lol
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
<Christofori> surrrrre it's not
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Tell that to the asteroid.
<AcidDose> it just displays "24-bit mode not supported."
<inferno_45> whish one is it??!
<inferno_45> ARGH!!!!!
<Christofori> Watch.. he's going to rationalize it now
<Christofori> inf: one moment
<inferno_45> ok
<Christofori> inf:
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> inferno was blazing through the asteroids, his new speed making it difficult to maneuver, and he grazed some of the rocks. To his dismay, he lost several very creative senseless sexual references that had been painted on, but he finally made it out alive.
<inferno_45> coolness
<^DragonblooD^> <-- Another bad review
<AcidDose> the modarchive fileserver isnt giving me the file
<AcidDose> =)
<Christofori> Dragon: I agree
<^DragonblooD^> 3.0
<^DragonblooD^> That's very low
<Christofori> Dose: Did you give that guy the review page info he requested?
<^DragonblooD^> I would give it 7/8
<AcidDose> Christofori: what guy and huh?...
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Schabuda, in the meantime, still hadn't regained control of his ship, but has learning how to control it with his very thoughts.
<Christofori> oh, ok.. He asked you a long time ago for the review page info
<Christofori> I didn't know if you gave it to him
<Christofori> That review looks like a joke to me
<inferno_45> THEY'RE SO GAY!!!!
<Christofori> lol
<^DragonblooD^> SLAM: plz upload the story, coz I have to leave in 1 min
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Meanwhile, up in the lead, Christofori managed to scrape across a rock, slowing him down just enough for grl to once again take the lead.
<inferno_45> c'mon! put some fucking notes down, man!
<Christofori> Dragon: it'll end up on the stories page
<^DragonblooD^> Nice
<inferno_45> stories page?
*** ^DragonblooD^ has quit IRC (Quit: Wiggle like a tomato!)
<Christofori> inf: yes
<inferno_45> which is located at...
<inferno_45> absoluetly coolness
<Christofori> :P
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Christofori regained his speed and ended up alongside BardCat, SLAM, and DragonblooD. They started a friendly conversation on how to get grl out of first place, which inferno's ship, roaring Snoop Dawg tunes right out of the engine, blazed past them, and headed right for the S.S. 32MB.
<inferno_45> wow
<inferno_45> Go snoop
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> grl looked in her rearview mirror, and decided what to do.
* AcidDose goes to search again...
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Forcing her ship to have another cow, she blew it out the aft chute, directly into inferno's path!
<inferno_45> damn!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Because of his speed, he wasn't able to avoid it, so instead, he pushed maximum power down, and closed his eyesshut tight. He blasted forward, right through the cow, his powerful enginge frying it into burgers.
<inferno_45> crappage
* Christofori slaps the burgers together and passes them out to the other combattants
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> His speed barefully affected, he thought he had it made. He was battling grl for first place, when they were about to hit the patch of fluidic space.
<Christofori> Anyone want a burger?
<inferno_45> bastards!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Stop that, I know about the beef :-).
<Christofori> fluidic space.. too much Star Trek
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Sorry.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Oka,y it's a patch of water, is that betteR?
<Christofori> lol
<Tripl> just cheking.. visit my website
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> THe roasted pieces of beef, in the meantime, managed to fly at SLAM, BardCat, Christofori, and DragonblooD. SLAM caught a steak in the teeyh, acidntally swallowing it too fast to enjoy it. BardCat's ship was rather picky about its meals, and turned up its nose. Christofori, snatched one, and placed it on his engine housing, to cook it a little longer. DragonblooD reached out for his, but his ship jumped at the last minute, and the steak ended up...
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> clogging one of his stellar radiation intake vents!
<Christofori> lol
<Christofori> Damn steaks
<inferno_45> can we make them, um...hamburgers?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> DragonblooD kept going, but with his left engine out, and his right one still firing full burn, he was having trouble staying on course, to say the least.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> They were just in time to see grl and inferno smash into the patch of spatial water.
<inferno_45> anyone getting tired yet/
<Christofori> Nah.. Fluidic space sounds better ^_^
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> inferno had greater speed, but his ship was lighter, so his and grl's ships went about the same distance into the fluid before being slowed to a crawl.
<inferno_45> spatial sounds 1337r
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Okay :-).
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Inferno still had a slight advantage at first, because of his stereo, but suddenly, he saw a problem.
<inferno_45> oh, no!
<inferno_45> what will our hero do?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> The fluidic space covered the area around his enginge, including his stereo. His precious speaker system shorted out, which was a good thing for grl: Water conducted the sounds of Snoop Dawg far too well for her tastes.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Forced to race at the same speed now, inferno kept fighting for first place.
<Christofori> Slam: Don't forget that Modula Five has waterproofed speakers and subs.. :P
<inferno_45> NO FAIR! you can't change the rules goddamnit!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Christofori: The Modula Five isn't using a stereo to enhance its speed.
<Christofori> I installed outdoor systems on it for this very reason
<Christofori> :D
<inferno_45> or stats, in this case
<Christofori> Dah!
<inferno_45> liar
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> In unison, Christofori, SLAM, and BardCat hit the water.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> BardCat's ship was protesting all the way, and as soon as it had hit the water, it knew that was the last straw. The Kitkat stopped in its tracks, refusing to go another step all soaking wet.
<Christofori> kitkat? That's my bar!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> SLAM and Christofori kept going, tossing random attack items at each other as they went. The water slowed things down too much though, so they ended up in a casual discussion about the weather, and port 80, and the gay-looking bar patrons.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> OH shoot :-).
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Okay.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Correction, folks: The S.S. Pokkit is BardCat's ship.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> :-)
<Christofori> lol
<Christofori> You must be tired.. to have forgotten that?
<Christofori> hehe
<inferno_45> i think ill sleep in this chair
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Somehow, Christofori and SLAM caught up with grl and inferno, just as the patch of fluidic space ended. IIn unison, all four of them broke free, and sped toward the next objective.
*** lateq has joined #modarchive
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Yes :-).
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Hi.
<Christofori> Hey lateq
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> The other racers managed to keep the same pace and were about halfway through the water.
<lateq> christofori
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> That is, except for Schabuda, who had finally mastered his new craft controls, and blasted towards the asteroids.
<inferno_45> oh, man...
<Schabuda> hrrm
<Christofori> lol
<Christofori> Schabuda actually should now have an advantage; being one with his ship
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Oh, and in case you were wondering, folks, Brainwash WAS in fact, in the race, but his Etherdrive broke down after the first meter. Not nowing crap about networking, he was stranded there for the entire race.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Schabuda now had an advantage, being one with his ship, and slid around the asteroids easily as he blasted towards the path of fluidic space.
<Christofori> lol
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> :-)
<inferno_45> is this story nearing an end?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Stary didn't like the water at all: It wasn't showing off his new paint job nearly well enough, and he gave it everything he had.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Getting there, getting there.
<inferno_45> ok
<Christofori> inferno_45 just wants to see if he wins :P
<inferno_45> no, I want those voices to shut the fuck up.
<Christofori> lol
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Stary thought he'd never get out when suddenly, something torpedo-shaped shot through the water right by him. It was Schabuda, speeding along so fast, the water didn't slow him down at all.
<inferno_45> and I do want to see if I win...but you know you do too...
<inferno_45> :P
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> The wake we created pulled Stary free at a speed he hadn't been able to acheive before.
<Christofori> lol
<Christofori> Actually, I know who wins the race; but I took an oath to keep it a secret. :P
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> In a moment, they were nearkly caught up with grl and the rest, as the approached the huge meteor, the last obstacle of the race.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> No you don't :-).
<inferno_45> oh, really? *points revolver at Christo
<Christofori> Slam: Yes I do
<Christofori> I'll never squeal!
<AcidDose> SLAM[CD-CoS] doesnt even know, thats why this single scene has dragged on for soooooooo long
<AcidDose> =)
<inferno_45> (pulls back hammer
<Christofori> Dose: lol
<Christofori> inf: Threaten me all you want; I'll never tell!
<inferno_45> who...wins... *me grinds teech and spits them thar tobacco
<Christofori> them thar.. classic talk for a texan :P
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> grl, of course, was the first to enter the comet, through the appointed ice tunnel, followed closely by Christofori, who was still 
insisting she tell him why she hated him, and by SLAM, how had tired of their argument, and loaded some of Jason Chong's songs into his MOD 
<inferno_45> It was a joke....*smashes christo's nads.
<inferno_45> TELL ME WHO WINS!!!!
<Christofori> lol
<Christofori> nope
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Schabuda and Stary could clearly see the trio enter the asteroid. Stary started braking, so he could slow to a manageable speed, but Schabuda...
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> ...he couldn't.
<Christofori> Slam will get there.. eventually :P
<Christofori> Slam: I could.. but then I'd be breaking that oath..
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> He hadn't quite learned how to use his ships' brakes, he was so intent on moving forward.
<inferno_45> no wonder grl hates you, your such a fucking prick. *me laughs\
<Christofori> lol
<Schabuda> Hah, I can use them!
<Schabuda> =P
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Steering desperately, he made it into the ice tunnel ahead of Stary, of course, but succeededonly in smahsing deep into the ice wall, and freezing to death, along with his ship.
<Christofori> Dah!
<Christofori> poor Buda
<Schabuda> Hey! That's cruel!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Stary blasted into the opening, barely keeping away from the wall, as he gained on the leaders.
<Christofori> lol
<Christofori> Wait.. His ship froze to death?
<inferno_45> poor guy! *me evil laughs
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Hey, it's a race :-/ *Shrugs.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Yes.
<Christofori> ok..
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> He was the ship, and the ship was him.
<Christofori> oh yeah
<Christofori> Sorry
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Good :-).
<Christofori> Do continue
*** Schabuda sets mode: -v SLAM[CD-CoS]
<Schabuda> =P
<inferno_45> O_o
<Christofori> lol
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
*** Schabuda sets mode: +vvvvv lateq LR^Gammis^away SLAM[CD-CoS] Tripl _33[A]
<inferno_45> <==my clean mind is now dirty.
<Christofori> Clean.. lol
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> They took a right turn, then a left, then pulled up sharply.
<inferno_45> I didn't know the first thing about sexual references before I came here
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> grl was still in the lead, and Christofori was equl with SLAM. However, Christofori, jabbed to the left suddenly, and forced SLAM to take what looked like a icy wall.
<Christofori> Yeah.. and if you learned it all from Dose... You're in a heap of trouble! lol
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> :-)
<inferno_45> Dose is my ho. I pimp for him.
<Christofori> lol
<Tripl> lol
<inferno_45> my bastard of a cat is still scooting. I think he has worms. seriously.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> SLAM blasted through the thin ice wall, and then through several more, as he took the alernate tunnel against his will.
<Christofori> inf: take him to the vet
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Inferno thought, "Hey, that's kinda cool," and followed SLAM in.
<inferno_45> I should. But I need ph00d money.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Although the tunnel SLAM and inferno were in was shorter than the main path, allt he ice walls they had to smash through slowed them down.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Definition: ph00d: n. 1. The material from which all true techies receive their sustenence. Generally found in vending machines, 
grocery store snack aisles, among other places. 2. Junk food. Notes: Food and ph00d should not be confused. F00d is what normal people eat. Only techies eat ph00d on a regular basis, using it to power their coding, chatting, gaming, tracking, and other computer-related activities.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> :-)
<Christofori> yrp
<Christofori> yep even
<inferno_45> yah. and I need ph00d money.
<Christofori> at the expense of your cat?
<inferno_45> For stuff like ramen noodles, kool-aid, beer, etc.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Stary, in the meantime, was about to pass grl, when she nudged him to the left. Stary bounced all over the tunnel, still holding tightly onto second place, but taking a beating. Hi slast act before smashing through the wall on a sharp right turn was to mute grl's engines. Inside 
the asteroid, Gargoyle had no knowledge of this.
<inferno_45> I love my cat...
<inferno_45> I'll probably take him in tommorow.
<Christofori> inf :D
<Christofori> good
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Stary got ahead of grl somehow, and hit the wall. grl smashed on top of him immediately, with a shipload full of cows, and scrteeched to a halt.
*** Kaos_nk has joined #modarchive
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Hi.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Christofori, deeply moved, screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and killed his engine immediately to check on grl.
<Christofori> Ack!
*** Kaos_nk has left #modarchive
<inferno_45> hehe
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> THUD! THUD! THUD! went the ice walls as SLAM cleared a path for inferno. They were almost to the exit.
<Christofori> Hell.. Now I know what one od the future chapters will be aboot
<Christofori> of
<Tripl> i'm siiiiinging in the raain!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> "Christofori!" grl yelled up at the worried figure hanging out of his ship, "I'm okay, and I don't hate you!" "Really?" Christofori wanted to know. "Yes, really! Now go race, I'll be okay!" grl then proceeded to drag the battered figure of Stary out of his ship, and beat him to a pulp.
<Christofori> lol
<Christofori> Aww.. she really DOES like me!
<Christofori> :D
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Not wanting to incur the same swrath, Christofori clambered back into his ship and blasted towards the exit.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> No...she just doesn tHATE you ;-).
<Christofori> No.. she likes me!
<inferno_45> Christo: Get your mack on dude.
<inferno_45> :D
<Christofori> lol
<Christofori> That's a future chapter >:D
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Christofori blasted out of the tunnel just in time to see SLAM and inferno exit behind him fom a lower orifice.
<inferno_45> Wahey! I'll be there.
<inferno_45> This is getting interesting...
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> SLAM armed his MOD Blasters, and took a shot at Christofori, which missed.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Meanwhile, Brainwash had climbed out of his cockpit, and started pushing his ship by hand, determined to win the race.
<lateq> ahuahaua
<inferno_45> rofl
<Christofori> .. Poor Brainwarsh
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> He had it as far as the gravitational field, when it was pulled in. Deciding that he couldn't safely push his ship anymore, he 
climbed into the cokcpit. Then, a most amazing thing happened: His Etherdrive came online, at full blast!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> But that wasn't all that happened,
*** Gargoyle0 has joined #modarchive
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Gargoyle0

<Christofori> Garg!
<Gargoyle0> dip dee doo
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> H managed to hit a pocket of space/time/continuum goop, which did something...
<Gargoyle0> hi all
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Hey, Gardgoyle :-).
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> You're observing the race, hold on.
<Gargoyle0> what race?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> The next thing Brainwash knew, he was blasting out of a comet, on the tails of three other racers!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> The race around SPACESTATION #MA! *eerie echo.
*** St3vor has joined #modarchive
<Gargoyle0> St3vor =)
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> wb, st3vor.
<inferno_45> HOLY $#!7
<St3vor> y0 alll
<inferno_45> doods, its 5:00
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Thinking that someone had sabotaged his ship, Brainwash loaded in some tunes by Jogeir and slied MODfire all around the leading racers.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> 6:00 here :-).
*** NeZbiE has joined #modarchive
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> NeZbiE :-D!
<NeZbiE> SLAM! :)
<Schabuda> I say, boink!
*** Christofori has quit IRC (
*** AcidDose has quit IRC (

<NeZbiE> Long time no see
<_33[A]> NEZBIE!
<inferno_45> yeah? well it';; be 7:00 here, pretty soon
<NeZbiE> 33!!!!!!!!!!!
<Schabuda> Don't try having sex with your modem... it electrocutes your tinkle...
<NeZbiE> Dsl, les etudes me tiennent :/
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Gargoyle, up in the S.S. Notre Dame, still couldn't beleive his eyes as Brainwash vengefully took the lead.
<inferno_45> ahhhh, the re-uniting of old friends.
<_33[A]> NeZ, 6.5 tounes complÚtÚ
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Yep :-).
<Gargoyle0> eeeek
<Gargoyle0> noo
<Tripl> finally pm again..
<NeZbiE> Hehe :)
*** Christofori has joined #modarchive
<Christofori> Hope I didn't miss anything..
<inferno_45> you just lost ! HAHAHA!!!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Suddenly...something they hadn't expected happened.
<inferno_45> YES YOU LOST!!!
<inferno_45> HAHAHA!!!!
<inferno_45> HA!
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Out of the comet, shot timelyarrivalbris!
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<inferno_45> Crap....
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<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Seeing the disabled ships, he swooped down on Brainwash, and hammered him with repeated pulses of Falcon's Cosmic Outflow.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Brainwash swore up a veritable storm of Scottish curses and winningbris zipped past.
<inferno_45> and inferno won.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Joyousbris was overwhelmed with his imminent victory as he blazed towards the finish line with the last of his fuel,
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> .
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Inferno got the crap shot out of his engines.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> But all of a sudden...
<St3vor> ya ya yayayayaaa!!!! 
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> The tapping sounds of the MOD SLAM had attached to cluelessbris's engine casing tapped one time too many, and the enginge casging exploded once again!
<inferno_45> fuck this. I don't have time for you sorry saps.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> lol
<Schabuda> fun
<inferno_45> COL
<Schabuda> since TG started I've transferred 85gb
<Schabuda> up and down
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> luckybris was thrown clear, but not in the direction of the finish line.
<Schabuda> 70 down
<Schabuda> and 15 down =P
*** Gargoyle0 is now known as Garg|away
<Christofori> Schab: 70 down and 15 down?
*** AcidDose has quit IRC (Quit: )
* Garg|away is off to buy food
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Gargoyle, seeing that this race was clearly over, swooped around the reacetrack, and picked up each survivor.
<St3vor> hmmm
*** AcidDose has joined #modarchive
<St3vor> filtereing one of warhawks songs. do I dare not add it through
<Schabuda> 15 up I meant =P
<St3vor> hahah
<inferno_45> man, this race is longer and more boring than nascar. :)
<Christofori> St3vor: You're a filterer?
<St3vor> i decide to start doin it again
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Finally, he passed the finish line in the S.S. Notre Dame, Gargoyle declared himself the winner, and invited everyone to buy him 
drinks at the station's dinner hall...or else.
<Christofori> cool
<St3vor> i sit in here talking and doing nothing else so...
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<inferno_45> one thing that bothers me...
<Schabuda> I filtered 3 tunes today too =PP
<Christofori> Yay! There's filterage!
<inferno_45> if the filterer doesn't have a taste for your kind of music, your scr00d
*** AcidDose has joined #modarchive
<Christofori> inf: not so, really
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> And so, as his friends drunk him under a table to make him stop spending their money, they printed out an Honorary Award for FInishing the Race (TM) and taped it to his back, and let him sleep.
<inferno_45> I like Darkwave, and Darkhop.
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<inferno_45> And not many ppl like my kind of music.
<inferno_45> Christo: really? how?
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Then the real party started, as they began swapping racing stories that they would pass down for years.
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<Christofori> inf: They can tell if the song is good enough
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Garg|away

<Christofori> Give them some credit :P
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> And in this setting, we leave our brave contestants on the dinner hall of...
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> *eerie echo.
<SLAM[CD-CoS]> Okay, so I rushed the ending a bit :-p.
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<Christofori> Slam: lol
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